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  1. So, I just recently lost my cat and I'm pretty depressed. It's been around a week and (I know this sounds weird) but my father is eager to adopt another cat whilst I want to stay looking for my cat. I've tried persuading my father to stay looking for her, but he won't agree.

    So far, we have looked everywhere, left out her favorite food, opened the garage door a crack, put flyers in like 150 mailboxes around the neighborhood, and checked every pet shelter in the town along with our own vet.

    Cat name: Pepper

    Question 1. Should we keep looking for Pepper?
    Question 2. Should we adopt another cat?

    Help? :3
  2. I would say keep looking. If it has been only a week then there is still hope. I would also recommend putting notices on lost cat websites.
  3. I once lost my dog in the neighborhood as well, and we did find him, but we wouldn't have found him if it wasn't for one thing...

    Whatever to do, do not stop looking for Pepper. It's crucial that you find this cat, and not let him/her get into other troubles. First off, take a drive around every single road and side street in your neighborhood. Secondly, check any alleyways. Cats have a tendency to go into very small places like that.

    If you've done those 2 steps, and nothing works, then here is my suggestion: call every friend that you have, and get them to all come to your house. Once they are all there, set up a search party for said cat. It is important that you find this cat and not adopt another cat. Repeat the same step as last time, however with friends (extra eyes and ears!)

    If all of the above do not work, and you can not find your dear Pepper, then that is no reason to stop looking. You will look and look everywhere until you make sure that cat is in your arms. You find that cat if your life depends on it.

  4. Losing a pet is no fun :oops: Keep looking for Pepper! Once you bond with an animal it's nearly impossible to replace it. Like Caden said, look high and low, and in places you wouldn't expect to find her. Good luck, you can find Pepper! I know that its hard!
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  5. I'll try but I cannot always trust the internet =P
  6. Thank you! also, we haven't even had her for a year :( I'll keep looking whenever I can
  7. Yes, I will definitely do that! Thank you!! :) I haven't even had Pepper a year sooo :(
  8. But you are a cat, so the cat's in your avatar! I found it! :p

    I think you should keep looking. Good luck finding your cat!
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  9. Lol and thanks! :3
  10. Did you checked or called (not sure hopw you call it) animal hospital / shelter. ?
    And you know, some cat's love boat trips and get found weeks later. But it's to early to give up !
  11. From my experience cats have an amazing way of finding their way home even when you don't want them to. The only cat I've ever know not to find their way home that wasn't dead was owned by some college guys I knew. They would throw it off the 2nd floor balcony to see if it landed on it's legs. Which it always did. I think finally the cat decided it had had enough and took to the road. I frowned upon their behavior and didn't blame the cat for feeling anyplace is better than here.

    I've known several cats that have gone missing and have been found to be in the backyard the whole time. Cats can be pretty sneaky. Hey, if you let him get you another cat and when the first one comes back then you'll have two. And I'm sure they will get along famously. Hope the best for you.
  12. I agree with God's of Gods.
    Cats will come back when they want to.

    Just like EMC. If your cat is tamed, then she/he will come back to your res in 15 minutes :p!
  13. It where week's in the wilderness before i found mine back :p But it came back !
  14. :confused: How do you get your cat into the wilds in the first place? I really want to know! Cleo (my Minecraft kitty) Has explored every exposed block of my res, and she's getting bored! She wants new turf!
  15. Keeping looking for a while. I was pet-sitting for some people once, and their cat went missing for around five days. After some extensive waiting and searching, it finally turned up sitting on top of a nearby car. Don't lose hope! I wish you good luck with your search.

    You can't move a cat from Town to the wild.
  16. You can if you egg it. But you'll have to make sure it's in an enclosed area (obviously) and tame it again once you spawn it in the wild. Also, good luck finding your cat chocolate. I've lost 2 cats that I let be "outdoor" cats, so I keep my current cat indoors all the time.
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  17. Thank you everyone so much!! I greatly appreciate it!! Today around dawn, my father heard a cat meowing and thank goodness Pepper cam back! She was not in too much bad shape, sorta keeping one eye closed though. But overall, I'm Extremely happy to have her back! :D
  18. I request this thread closed now?
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