Lost Items

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by zervados, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Last night I was in the South Wastelands of SMP7 heading to the outpost when I encountered an enraged zombie. I sadly died with: My head, 60k members Chestplate and Shoes, ICC head ( probrably wont get returned knowing some of you guys ), shiny flesh and more. If you find it please be honest and return it to me.
  2. Oh and a flaming mob launcher
  3. Why did you have your ICC head with you?
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  4. I forgot I was wearing it when I left, thats why I went back.
  5. Whats the location of your death point?
  6. South of the Wasteland SMP7, in the snow biome. Pretty sure it is in the left part.
  7. Items despawn in five minutes. :( Sorry, I know how you feel. (Just ask Bussgil, Jcplugs, melk73, or bitemenow15 what happened to me a few days ago at winterfell.)
  8. When did you die? There is a five miniute time limit to get the items.
  9. 5 minutes to get it if the chunks are loaded.
  10. He died over 12 hours ago, it's gone.
  11. I wish I could help, but My sister is playing. :(
  12. Suppose I should change my Sig?

  13. :(
  14. LOL I just killed an enraged zombie with my fists, was left with a heart and a half, but then died after falling in a hole to get the zombie virus thing.