Lost in a sea of EnderDragon Eggs!

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  1. Okay, so I know its only important to about 5 people, but, since ender dragon eggs will become more prevalent in the future, is there any way that maybe it could be added "One of five original dragon eggs" Or something when you click them? Just a thought, seeing as some may claim to have the original, and some people have shelled out HUGE rupee amounts. I think its a good failsafe. Any comments?
  2. Not to sound like a douche (which I often do) but those who bought incredibly high priced items of Zero use with even the slightest knowledge that they would become more prevalent in the future, get what they get. Want a good failsafe? Sell them now to some sucker before they lose their value. The 15 minutes of fame don't last very long.
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  3. From JustinGuy himself.. How will there be more eggs? Once again it's simple economics, doesn't matter what the eggs do, it is simple supply and demand, and supply is very rare and will remain so.

    "Nope, the new ends will not have an ender dragon. The reason is #1 it give such an insane amount of XP it puts you instantly on top of the leader board (like 100,000 I think), #2 it turns into a huge drama of who gets it."

  4. He said there will be no ender dragon or eggs in the new end, not that there will never be new eggs.

    Justin has said in the past that they're looking at ways to allow more people to experience the enderdragon and earn an egg

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  5. so how many eggs are there at the moment?
  6. There are five eggs, if I recall correctly. SMP6 didn't have an Egg, it was removed to stop the arguing.

    Justin has said that he wants to make the Dragon respawn so that everyone can go and fight it as many times as they like.

    So the Eggs will become common and will plummet in value.
  7. SMP 5 didn't have one either, but there was a utopia egg i believe.

    I don't know, iirc the talk about having new eggs was before the auction took place, if you bought it for an investment, that was a bad mistake. I assumed it was for sentimental value. You'll always know you have the original one, you could put up a sign to tell people, the only other option I can think of is convince the staff to have a EMC museum on one of the large plots and donate it for posterity.
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