Lost Forest Zelda Tribute Maze Opening Event!

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  1. Event is now closed!

    Event was Finsihed
    I well be changing some prize rules next week to make it more fair to other

    Congrats to CousinMosquito for Winning the main prize if you wouldnt mind tell the people everything you won in a post ill update once again when my net is back up fully

    This is the opening event for the Lost Forest Maze, for the people that have been following us on this build, I know you are all excited and have been exploring the maze as we built it. As of Thursday January 17th 1:00 am EST the doors for the maze close for The Shifting And shall re-open to public at the time of the start of the event.

    The Shifting: A process of which we go in to the maze to change the route to the main prize by activating and deactivating doorways and teleports. Also prizes will not be hid until moments before the opening to prevent loggers for ninja loots!

    Event Details:

    - Mega maze covering 4 "soon to be more" residence's on SMP9
    - Oak tree trucks as doors which will change weekly as to if they work or not or change to 2-way or 1-way doors.
    - Hedge mazes made from leaves
    - Trap rooms and Teleports
    - Fake Master Sword pedestals " may contain a lesser prize , may not !"
    - Deku tree Parkour "will contain a lesser prize each week for the duration of the event and a awesome over head view of the entire " at least currently entire" lost forest maze event "
    - Completely covered maze to help prevent block gliching and or ender pearling "any one caught well be baned from all the zolara community residence's and reported
    -Also many Prizes
    - Event is either bi-weekly or monthly depending on the zolara community hours


    Prizes are as follows

    For each of the following events
    Main Prize!
    1x Diamond sword enchanted and renamed [Master Sword]
    1x Diamond Pickaxe enchanted
    1x Full set of Leather gear [dyed 1 of 3 color sets red,blue and green each week and renamed to an according zelda gear set]
    1x Random prize at my disclosure "a fun item"

    The Main prize must be claimed during the time of the event by the 1st Person to reach the end !

    Side Prize's:

    Each event 5 books well be hidden in the maze in random spots each event, they are written by me and must be returned to me to claim the prize. [ warning if you vault this item it well become blank and null and void. I refuse to accept any books that are blank on the terms of " but I put it in the vault"]

    Please note one of these might also be hidden in the Deku tree and parkour is required to obtain them

    These are allowed to be turned in any time in between events, but not after that event period, as I have time stamped them.


    The Great deku Tree:

    That's right we did it, the deku tree is back and has some fine side adventuring for our parkour lovers:

    If you can make it to the top, a nice gift might just be waiting for you there

    Again this item is Replaced at the start of each event just like the other and is allowed to be claimed once during each event period


    If you do not happen to find a prize there is always the next event. My team and I are not responsible for any loss of life, loss of time and/or sanity during your time in the Lost Forest. If you find your self humming Saria's Song during your stay and annoying your entire family, once again we can not be held accountable. If you find your self addicted to my maze, again sorry for that we're just that epic! We have spent many hours forming this maze and do not intent on making it any easier, in fact we intend on making it harder in the near feature. If you find yourself: lost, sitting in a corner rocking back and forth, once again I am sorry "secretly I'll be LOLING at you from behind my screen" we always offer the chance to teleport back to the start for you to get lost again and sometimes you won't have a choice, "lol".

    If you found a prize and fail to claim it in the allocated time, too bad you have been given fair warning.

    If you do not compete in the maze from start to finish with all fairness, you well be banned from the maze and any Zolara community properties for life [This includes and is not limited to possibilities listed as follows: Ender pearling, block glitching, and or logging out in a certain area of the maze]

    If you get mad at the fact that the layout of the maze will be changing from event to event [Yes the Parkour in the Deku tree also], then don't come to our event. I'm sure someone else will be willing to take free stuff off my hands for a little time spent in something I have dove head first into creating and constantly expanding upon!

    Also please note any item won Via the Lost Forest maze event can only be used one SMP9 if they are an item that has been renamed, until the vault system has been fixed this also the same as other items such as Book"written" and fire works. Again you have been warned.

    Again I am in no way responsible for any thing out of the normal you may encounter in this event.



    Any one wishing to donate may do so. It will be included in the following event Prize listing. I'll be accepting any thing from Diamonds; to supply the weapons and tools being given way. Rupees well be added to the pool provided by me which as stands is 5ooo Rupees split between all prizes not all of which being pure Rupees [ so anything donated shall be added to the before listed amount allowing me to give more way!]

    If you wish to donate Please start a conversation with myself stating what you would like to donate why and when. I shall reply with an "awesome," when and a mega thank you]. Please note, I'll be listing reasons why you wished to donate. Aside from your mention in the prior event listings, unless you ask me not to.

    Donators will have an honorable mention in the event's details pior to the event. Listing what they donated, and why.
  2. Can't wait! :D:D:D:D
  3. Bump common let get some attention for this i put a lot of time money and effort into this and ill be giving away a ton of stuff!

    because im crazy like that !
  4. I live on SMP9, easy access. :p
  5. Whenever there's a cool event I never seem to be able to go online so for an awesome event... :( I'll try my best, and I want to se loads of people there!
  6. I will make it to the event
  7. Hoping so it'll also be open just can promise any prize's well be left to find
    best be !
  8. I will go and hopefully not end up in Terminal lol
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  9. Might go... Depends if i can get online
  10. going live in less then 33 hours the shifting is nearly done and shortly we'll have people running around.

    Was fun setting the route up i got lost many time
  11. I just found out that the time when it goes live here is at 3 AM xD I. MUST. STAY. AWAKE.
  12. Going live in less the 2 hours ARE WE READY !
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  13. Just wondering, are you going to be able to have somebody on patrol for each area? (Deku Tree, Maze, Etc.) I feel there needs to be atleast one person per area watching over to prevent cheating on parkour/enderpearling all that jazz.
  14. i hope to but my other 3 helper had to pull out tonight so i was solo and running off my cell phones net, since my provied cant get a tech out till sunday to fix my net issues

    that being said i would like to think i took all the measurse i could "beside the parkour" to prevent block/ender glitching and any one caught doing so well be banned on sight from all zolara res and events for life
  15. It's been pretty awesome, the maze is challenging, the parkour very entertaining and the feeling of being "lost" just perfect!

    Very good job, I'll be a frequent visitor, now there's no reason to be bored jumping around in my res xD
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  16. Please if you make it to the end had fun let the people know and post a pic of you at the END

    Follow me to keep track of the events to come!
  17. SDOliveira Found the last Book, for the 5th prize hours before it became void and won 500r this event is now

  18. Hell yeah i did, hah. ive been following the maze being built since it was only the first room with the donation boxes on the left and the multiple chests on the right :)
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  19. Awww I couldn't make it this time there. Hope you had a lot of fun!