Lost all of my items from the tutorial

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  1. I just joined the community today and upon going through the tutorial received all the armor, a torch, wood planks, a sheep egg, cow egg, pick, rupees, bread, and the starter book it gives you. I'm not new to Minecraft so I can probably manage without it but it was pretty nice to have gotten all of the stuff. Is there somewhere I have to go to reclaim what I lost? or maybe somewhere I can go to find all of this stuff again? As far as I can tell I still got the rupees, unless it gives you some upon starting. But yea any help that can be given would nice. Thank you!
  2. Hmm, what did you do to lose it? Die?
  3. No I haven't died at all. All that I did after the tutorial was switch to server smp 4 as soon as I did that everything was just gone.
  4. Items are smp specific. if you do /vault u will be charged 10r and that will let you transfer items from servers. Just do /vault, put the items in the area opened up, and then change servers to the one u want to be on and do /vault again and take the items out. If you are confused im sure people will be willing to help.
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  5. Oh, what server did you do the tutorial on? The items don't transfer from one SMP to another, that is why EMC has the /vault feature, letting you move items to one SMP, to another. :)
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  6. Alright I'll give that a try than thanks
  7. I found the server and got all of my items back and transferred over, thanks for the help :)
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  8. Well, seeing as you have posted no introduction thread, Welcome to the Empire! Hope you enjoy your stay!
    (You should move again to smp6. ;))
  9. heheheheh
  10. For more useful tips about the /vault, go on wiki.emc.gs/vault