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  1. I'm sorry for asking so many questions but I'm getting to understand the game more and more. My question is. I have a looting 3 sword. I'm in difficulty 1. Does that mean when I change my difficulty to 6 that I will get more of the items when I kill a mob or just a greater chance of getting a rare item such as in the case of fighting a wither skeleton will I have a better chance of dropping a head?
  2. You will get a greater chance to get rare items and more normal drop items. Only, they will get harder to kill and the armor/sword durability will decrease more. :) The Empire Wiki has this information also ;)
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  3. The higher your difficulty, the more likely you are to get custom item drops... not necessarily rare items.

    My understanding is that difficulty doesn't affect wither skeleton skulls or rare vanilla drops - only custom EMC ones such as Dragon Stone Fragments and Marlix armor. Looting will affect skelly skulls, though.
    Diff 8 - 2x durability loss
    Diff 9 - 3x durability loss
    Diff 10 - 4x durability loss
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  4. Thank you both I understand the durability and that they get harder my question is if I have loot 3 and I kill a skeleton he drops 3 arrows and a bone just saying but if I change that difficulty to 7 does that mean when I kill the same mob now it can drop 5 arrows and 3 bones. Or is the limit on drop the same ? You just have a greater chance of keep making the skeleton drop 3 everytime?
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  5. I'm pretty sure it'll be the same base drops (3 arrows and a bone) regardless of difficulty.
  6. Off topic but don't feel like making a new thread and everything is about me. But is there a way to claim promos that you never claim but have been playing?
  7. Nope. Once a promo is removed from /promo and the Empire Shop, it can only be purchased from other players.
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