Looks like irc isn't working

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  1. The link in the community header and the wiki page aren't working. I am not sure whether they are down or just removed.
  2. I noticed something similar to this. The Rules tab isn't working; every time I click on it, it takes me to a blank page.
  3. I do not have this problem, but rules.emc.gs and the rules tab do not work for me.
  4. yeah the rules aren't working

    EDIT: what does irc mean?
  5. http://track.empire.us/issue/SITE-44
    Added, now we wait for Aikar
    IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat
    It's pretty much just a chat client, with a few technical functionalities
  6. Aikar has been informed, and is working on a fix. It appears emc.gs is entirely down. Stay tuned :)
  7. also live map is down
  8. Thanks. I completely forgot that contributors can post those now.
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  9. While emc.gs is down, use this link instead:
    Just switch the number "2" for the SMP you want

    Yep :p
    Also thanks for the title change lol
  10. All fixed! :) Thanks for the headsup jkr! :)
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