Looking to buy some things in bulk!

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  1. I am needing both mushrooms in huge bulks! Please comment how much you have and what your price will be.
  2. I have around a SC of cooked rabbit. How much are you willing to pay?
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  3. does 900 rupees sound good? I can go to 1000
  4. I am going to be doing a event once i get enough
  5. I'm sorry, I will not sell you food that gives 2.5 hunger shanks and 6 points of saturation for around 0.5r per.
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  6. Im not good with prices and i stated in my post to give me your price. Im going to lower the price as i dont know how to price it. Sorry.

    I dont need rabbit anymore i only need mushrooms
  7. What are you making?
  8. Just breed them.
  9. How do you breed mushrooms?
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  10. ok, i got that. now i need a silk touch axe or something with silk touch
  11. Naw, just poke them with something with fortune.
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