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  1. Hi there!
    My residence on smp 1 (1938) looks absolutely horrible! I tried to make something but decided against it, but now I've got the perfect little plan in my head but I've got one problem- I'm going to be buying so much of certain things, I don't think I will be able to afford it at normal retail price.

    I am looking for about 20 stacks (or more) of smooth sandstone, about ten stacks of coal, five stacks of dark (jungle?) logs, twenty stacks of sand and ten stacks of glass. Also about thirty sheep, and TONS of water buckets.

    I do get the 100 rupee bonus daily and 500 from the daily votes as often as I can so I can get up the money needed, but I am looking for someone willing to discount me for the large quantity.

    Any that I do not use I will just give back, with no expectation of refund (so most likely you will be getting plenty of glass back if I change my designs along with any other materials I did not use and possibly bonus things).
  2. You should be able to collect those items in 5-10 hours of gameplay. What's the hurry?
  3. Tip: Use ice instead of water buckets as the buckets can be pretty costly, and if you're going to be using a lot then i dont think you'd want to keep refilling 2 buckets :p
  4. I don't know if it is me, my computer or the server, but whenever I venture into the wild it freezes up and I die.. I really hate it so I just don't go out there anymore unless it's the last resort.
  5. I am located in the snow biome and If I am not careful the water will freeze, and having Ice is hopeless. Aha.
  6. I could use Pine Logs right now. You can chop those in Town and I think I'd trade them one for one for the Sandstone and Glass. The Coal and Sand probably one for two. The Jungle logs you can grow in Town and same for the Sheep. The water you can do cheaply with two buckets.

    So I still say this is something you don't need Rupees for up front.
  7. Make an unlimited water source!
  8. ._.
    *puts the n00b hat on self*
    How do I do that?
  9. OX
    The above 2x2 area should be dug out. The O are where the water should go.
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  10. Ah, thanks!!
  11. I'm feeling like a helpful guy today. I'll give you a few stacks of Blaze Rods rather than crappy coal for nowt and all the sandstone I have (I think most of it's smooth).

    Head over to Utopia 5354 in the next ten minutes to grab it.
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  12. I've left a chest with:
    • 7 stacks of glass
    • 6 stacks of Sandstone
    • 5 stacks of Smooth Standstone
    • 3 stacks of sandstone slabs
    • 64 blocks of iron
    • 6 stacks of Blaze Rods
    On Utopia 5354 for you.
    Feel free to go nuts with it.
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  13. Lol, as if it matters which letter is water:rolleyes:
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  14. Dig a holeof 3 blocks(3x1) and put water in corners. When u want to take water, take from middle
  15. Beat ya to it.
  16. well this look usefull i'll see wat i can get u
  18. do u need anything else cause i might have it!
  19. Still in need of stone, sandstone (preferably smooth!), dark logs and sheep!
  20. You still need sandstone?