looking to buy enchanted sword(s)

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  1. YUP! you guessed it, i'm in the market again for a sword or two depending on the deals i can get.
    my last one was a BEAST with 4 enchantments and it got me the overkill achievement :D
    but sadly, its drawing close to its death, and i'm looking for at least one sword, possibly two depending on the enchantments someone has/and i can afford. ^.^

    have at it! :)
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  2. The only one I have right now is a Sharpness 3 Knockback 2.... I just sold the Fire Aspect one I had.
  3. I have a couple, in my shop - SMP9, 19000 -> "Enchanted Items".

    Sharpness IV+Knockback II, 3599 (two of those in stock)
    Sharpness IV+Knockback II+Fire Aspect II, 4500 (PM me to buy it, due to the "3 enchants" glitch)

    Happy to discuss/negotiate.

    I saw you on Utopia, but you had chat turned off. Hope to speak soon!
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  4. I have a fire aspect 1, only 200! (it's about half used)
  5. I has a looting III Fire aspect II Sharpness IV knockback II :)
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  6. btw, I'll try to make a bunch of them for you ( I'm kinda low on cash)
  7. So im assuming you would like to buy it....
  8. P.S. I have one more now. Smite V+Knockback II. I put it in the shop (SMP9 19000) at 3599r.
  9. I have 1 Sharpness V
    And 2 Sharpness IV Diamond Swords