Looking to buy a set of god armour and weapons.

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  1. Hi EMC, I have recently come upon a lot of money, as some of you may know, and I want to spend it on a set of high-end enchanted Diamond Armour, two enchanted Diamond Sword, and an enchanted Bow, so I can fight enraged mobs and minibosses.

    I would like the Armour as follows:
    • each piece must have a different protection enchantment (regular, projectile, blast, fire)
    • the chestplate must have Thorns III
    • Feather Falling IV is desired for the boots
    I would like the swords as follows

    • Sword 1 must have Smite V, Fire Aspect II, Unbreaking III and Looting III*
    • Sword 2 must have Bane V, Fire Aspect II, Unbreaking III and Looting III*
    • I don't want Knockback, as it may be more difficult to fight a mob and it may have more space to attack me from
    • I might not have Fire Aspect, it reduces token yield, but I'm only looking for drops anyway, so it probably won't make a difference
    *(if the drops of custom mobs are affected by Looting)

    I would like my Bow as follows

    • Power V, Punch 2, Flame I, Infinity I, Unbreaking III
    If anyone is interested in supplying me this stuff, post here with your prices! I will buy from the cheapest. All items should be unused, though I may make special considerations for an item used very little.
    Let the offers commence :)
  2. I will attempt it, how much are you going to pay
  3. holy crap I want one too!
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  4. Goddamnit. -_-
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