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  1. Hello EMC Communtiy,

    I am in need of a 12*12 modern shop. This shop should contain up to 20 chests. The store should be modern and contain a small fountain or courtyard in the middle...The store should look very high quality and the store should be done in 1 day from hiring. I am selling some promos etc. basically every junk item I have a lot from. Also the build should be built on EMC. I would love a builder who can build this beauty, I would pay up to 50k...or more, Indeed of a builder ASAP.

  2. You might want to make it bigger than 12x12 and more than a day. Most see it and say too small for details and too short
  3. I agree with finch. 12 x 12 is a little small if you want extreme detail and a courtyard or a fountain in the middle. You can't really put much detail into a 3x3 fountain without making it look cramped.

    If you want this in a day, I highly advise you to raise your offer. Who knows.. maybe I'll build something. ;)
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  4. I'll try some things in the weekend, we'ave alredey worked togerher, so you know how I'm working :)
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  5. I can try this? Im an experienced archotect and ive been part of the hypixel build team!
  6. Oops i meant to say cubecraft*
  7. lol Wuz about to say "How the hell do you get free time to post if on H* BT?"
  8. Haha they are both my favourite servers so i mixed em up , woops!