[Looking] Gold supporter voucher

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  1. Hey guys! I am looking for a Gold supporter ship voucher that is not too expensive, I can do trades for promos and/or cash. PM me your offers. Thanks!
  2. What do you mean by "not too expensive"?
  3. No more than 70,000 rupees.
  4. They are worth around 90-110k
  5. If the diamond supporter voucher is worth around 150-170k, how the gold one can be worth 90-110k?
  6. I would say these vouchers are about 80k now, that is the price I have seen them going for. I have seen some for more but I have not really seen any gold vouchers bought for under 80k, yet. Hopefully that sorts it up for y'all :)
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  7. Well, I can ripped off then ...
  8. Also, your paper service... Can I pay extra for delivery, like its 350 now, so with delivery, 375?
  9. You got yours when they were worth about 100k I believe, unless you got one recently :)
  10. Please send me a private message, instead of discussing it on the thread non relevant to paper business :p :)
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  11. I traded an egg nog for a gold voucher when they were both new *facepalm*
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  12. Okay well then I will go 80k max just for rupees and I have a few promos I could trade with rupees for one. I asked Todd_Vinton and he said they are around 70-90k with few bought at 90k and someone else said 50-70k.
  13. Bump anyone got one?
  14. I bought mine for 70k ;)
  15. Bump still looking for one