Looking for work outside smp9

Discussion in 'Players for Hire' started by SparkIgnited, Dec 31, 2020.

  1. Hey! I'm looking for work outside smp9, as most of my outpost members are out fulfilling contracts. If you have something you need done, reply to this thread or pm me, and i might be able to get it done!

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  2. I mean before I saw outside of smp9 i would have wanted help with my gold farm but i mean you could help me gather lava, I can supply buckets and an auto shulker loader. since lava is so easy to gather you shoud be able to gather a dc in about a minute so im thinking 50r per dc of lava, buckets and everthing supplied.
    you should be able to do at least 2 dc of shulkers full of lava in an hour.
    1000 dc of lava is what im kinda needing for my gold farm.
  3. if you want we can increase the pay. and ill show you some good tricks to gather lava