[Looking for] Wild outpost name!

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  1. Hello. I am thinking on creating a wild outpost, but I'm stuck on one thing: The name. So, that's where you, the EMC community comes in!

    I need good names for this outpost, as I plan for it to be large. beautiful, and fun.
    1. Has to include the word "Stone" or something like it.
    2. Using foreign languages is welcomed, but not required.
    3. Don't use the simple/bad names, like "Stoneville".
    4. Don't make the name super-long.
    5. Don't make the name super-short.
    That is all for now, and thank you for your time! :D
  2. <==^+Reserved for Winners+^==>

    DaJaKoe - Stonehold
  3. The city of stone, Erebor.
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  4. I have a couple if that's ok. You can add the word Outpost, or Fort or whatever you want to add at the end or beginning of each name. :D

    1) Petra Kastro - Stone Castle (Translated from Greek)
    2) Calx Avium - Direct Translation = Stone Wilderness/Wasteland (Latin)
    3) Lithos Outpost - Direct Translation = Stone Outpost (Greek)
    4) Rokku Yasai Outpost - Rock Fortress Outpost.
    5 (LAST) - Sasso Fortezza - Stone Fort (Italian) also...

    For number 5, you can use Pietra for stone. Also, Torre and Castello for castle, Roccaforte for Stronghold, and Avamposto for Outpost!

    Best of Luck,
  5. Baustein, or "Building Stone" in German

    Stentorn, or "Stone Tower" in Swedish.
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  6. Ok, these are all great suggestions! :D
  7. Hunti kivi. That's in Estonian language.
    (Wolves stone)
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  8. Bump-a-dump-wump
  9. StoneTown! xD
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  10. Bumpling-sumpling-dumpling
  11. Is this in or out of the NR? :)
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  12. Out, I plan to have it on Smp2 or Smp4. But it will have a government/leadership system based off the NR's :)
  13. hajari-madeena
    means city of stone
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  14. Rockville
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  15. Very well then, we'll keep you close by ;)
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  16. Not sure if trolling or serious :p
  17. trolololol
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  18. Stonehold.
    But if you want the best/meaningful results, pick your location you want to build it on. Then look around for a nice, stone-based landmark.
    Like this is something I made in what I call:
    The Cave of the Stone Tree
    Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 5.58.50 PM.png
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  19. I really like some of these! :D
    Evening bump
  20. Stone Bridge