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  1. So I am wondering if anyone has a res with all types of trees I could use to get wood for my res. I am mostly in need of acacia wood and jungle wood. If you would allow me to come to your res to chop the trees down that would be grateful. If you would allow me to do that just pm me on the forums and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  2. Most of the large malls have saplings of all kinds for a decent price. I usually go to /smp6 for my one stop shopping. They have several malls and specialty stores that you can't find on /smp7. /v 13131 is probably my favorite mall. That server also has an awesome enchanted book store as I found out yesterday, /v +books
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  3. Ok but im looking for a place to do it because my res is kind of well put together andno place to harvest trees or i would do it myself
  4. There's no space at all? You can definitely grow them underground as long as there's enough light. (My old tree farm was right above bedrock).
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  5. Well my underground is full of storage room teleports and rooms so no space
  6. I built a forest on smp7 in the wastelands right off of the south east outpost. it is just north. Literally right off of the outpost. Feel free to use it or set your own up, its not difficult. Just go cut some trees down, whatever kind you want and get the saplings, or buy saplings, go plant them and within a half hour or so you will have so many saplings that you won't be able to cut them down as fast as they grow. Finding a plains biome works best as there is lots of open and flat space to work with. I set up torches so i don't have to deal with so many mobs. Hope this helps.
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  7. WHat type of trees do you have out there