Looking for someone to vote for me

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  1. Hello.
    As the title says I'm looking for someone to vote for me. Why am I not doing myself you may ask? Well my sister (cakecrafter22) also votes, and we are connected the same WiFi (ip)
    Therefore If I can't vote for emc, thats why I'm asking someone if they can vote for me.

    The person who votes can have:
    All the diamonds
    All the emeralds
    All Stable Vouchers
    All vault Vouchers
    And 50% of ruppes earned each day (ex: if I earned 1000r from you voting you would get 500r)

    Voting bonus must go up by 1 each day.

    I'm looking for people to vote on the following accounts:

    Please either post below if you are interested or pm me.
    Thank you ^-^
  2. You could vote. EMC lists 9 sites that you can vote on. Your sister will only use one. :)
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  3. I'll vote for all 3 accounts once a day each.
    I'll start as soon as you say okay.

    Edit: so when you get like that 50,000 bonus for the 50th vote streak or whatever on all 3 accounts, i'll get 75000r total, right?
  4. Correct.
    You can start when ever you want. :)

    Edit: Just make sure to meet the requirements ;)
  5. Not exactly a hard requirement to fill =P
    I'll start now, then
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  6. Thank you :D
  7. Oh, how often is payday?
  8. Need new voter for
    all 3 of my accounts. As the previous voter is un able to vote anymore.

  9. Get proxy servers.
  10. That isn't it, he just doesn't feel like voting for himself xD
    And it pays well (i was his old voter but i'm moving onto new games >.>)
  11. I'll vote for him/her :) have them pm me the name and whatever the pay is. I already vote for 5 accounts everyday, what's one more going to hurt :p
  12. Correction, what's 3 more votes will hurt :p sorry just read the post, probably should have done that first. Message me on the forums of you want to talk more about it ^.^