Looking for someone to repair a few tools.

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  1. I have 15 enchanted diamond picks that I need repaired. I will pay for the repairs and for any diamonds used during the repairs. If you can fill this order please let me know your prices.
  2. Do they have mending?
  3. Just buy a mending book at /v +market on smp8 for 350r and go mining coal. The pick will get repair by itself.
    If you want me to do it, I'll trade with my villagers.
    800r per pick that include the mending and fully repair pick.
  4. I did not ask for mending, I asked for pick repair.
  5. Is way cheaper to repair with mending by the way...
  6. I also did not ask for cheap :p
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  7. menDDINNGNG
  8. What enchants do they have? Are they renamed?
    I do have a repair business. www.emc.gs/t/66223/
    All my picks have mending on them though. I am willing to make a deal if you are open to it. Let me know if interested.
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  9. Again, I did not ask for mending.
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  10. They are mostly eff4 ubk3, but a couple have silk on them as well. I'm looking for a simple repair not involving adding mending to the picks. Also for some reason your link doesn't work for me, just takes me back to the emc homepage.
  11. I can do it for you, I'll talk in game for you tonight
  12. Should be around, if not then just shoot me a msg on here and i'll go online
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  13. Sorry about the link, here is the full link. https://empireminecraft.com/threads/repair-shop-skarecs-new-skool-repair-shop.66223/
    I can upgrade your picks too. I don't charge rupees, I only charge diamonds.
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  14. Going a different route, thanks to those who offered.
  15. Why are you so against mending? I saves on a lot of diamonds.
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  16. I have a specific purpose for these certain picks and it just wouldn't be economical to add mending onto them.
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