Looking for someone that can repair 2 pickaxes!

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  1. As the title says, I'm looking for someone to repair 2 pickaxes for me as I have no XP! Here are the 2 that I want repaired!:
    Diamond Pickaxe
    Unbreaking III
    Efficiency III
    Silk Touch I

    Diamond Pickaxe
    Unbreaking III
    Efficiency IV
    Silk Touch I

    The Enchantment cost for both is 39 levels each. I will provide the diamonds.

    Pay in negotiable. You can offer me by replying or if you prefer you can send me a PM with your offer. If I find the offers to be too expensive then I will just buy some new ones as i'm not sure how much 39 levels of enchantment will cost :p

  2. For both or is that only for one?
  3. I will repair them for you. ;) it will be 1k for both
  4. Deal, You can set up an access chest for me, or I can for you, or we can meet in game :p
  5. I've set up an access chest for you at 9008 on smp 4 for you to collect them. I have paid the 1k as well. If you can't get on smp 4 for some reason I can deliver them to you or arrange another smp you can pick up on.
  6. I wouldv'e said both.
  7. I have an enderman on SMP5 that's open for public use, but I can't guide you to their since my computer is offline.
    Also, if you want to know all about repairing costs, check out this video from KaboPC:

    Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/KaboPC/featured
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  9. Ok, I understand what you're pointing out.
  10. go on utopia town, put on a pumpkin, and type /v endertopia
  11. Ok i will get on and take care of them asap. ;)
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  12. I am working on getting the levels so I will let you know when i drop them off ;)