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  1. Im looking for places to shop at, since my main res is pretty bare, and I figured you could leave some of your favorites in the comments I guess.

    Im specifically looking for:
    • Quartz BLOCKS,
    • Stained/Dyed clay,
    • flowers,
    • glass,
    • glowstone,
    • sea lanterns

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  2. Here are a few from the top of my head

    2222, 2000, 911, +anon, 9000, 1728, 1547
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  3. Try /v +shop and /v +store if you need more shops as well...
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  4. I've tried that, and on SMP8, I cant find many good ones.
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  5. I've got flowers and other plants for you XD
    /v 254 smp1

    Let me know if you want any in bulk, I'm new so still setting up. I am also happy to gather specific flowers/plants for you.
  6. If you're still interested, I have a couple of DCs of Sea Lanterns. :)
    Also, IIRC I'm selling glowstone at 966s temp store. :) (go to 966 smp1, and then right click the TP sign :))
  7. I have a lot of glass, quartz blocks and (mesa) stained clay at /v +tl or /v 15653 on smp7.
  8. I find that /v +mall will give me better results than /v +shop.
    But basically, seconding what NickkG said.
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  9. I've created a shop teleport hub @2112 on smp1 you can find a lot of things via that. Plus I have a free flower farm open to the public at 2113 you just need to add bone meal to the autofarms
  10. do /v +color on smp9. They have everything. Dyes, Colored Clay, Colored Wool, and Colored Glass. Its awesome.
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