[looking for]Quartz, Sandstone, Glass

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  1. I'm looking for the materials listed in the title or maybe more. Those will be used for my 4th res (my pyramid and museum) http://empireminecraft.com/threads/pyramid-of-heads-and-museum.54061/
    And the quartz for a mega mall build on utopia. It's huge, might take 6 months but I want it done. The build is on Ben3400's 2nd res on utopia if you want to check it out. Thanks to him, else this would be impossible with me having no alt's...

    I know I'm dreaming for thinking of getting donations but it would help a lot if I can buy the materials around this price :

    6k per DC of sandstone (pyramid/museum build)

    4k-5k per glass DC (both)

    7r per flakes, 15r per ores and around 100k for a DC of quartz blocks (for the mega-mall)

    Any donations or really good offers will be remembered, you will have a shoutout to either in my museum, on Ben3400's res (in the mega mall) or maybe both.

    I'm sure everyone would like to have more rupees for those items so you can msg me if interrested to sell me any of those or make a deal or something.

    I got*
    -The OP Blacksmith thread (you can add any items you want to make the price lower or a complete trade, would be really appreciated!)

    Anyway, thanks for reading!
  2. You can always donate sandstone but I bought a few DC's already so I will cross it.