Pyramid of heads and museum

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  1. Hi, I wanted to show my pyramid of heads. I'm putting everyones head on it, that I killed at PvP or that they donated to me. But there is a lot and too much free space on it! I got a chest inside where you can give your head to the pyramid if you want to have it on the pyramid.
    4th residence


    On top there is the top donator, thx a lot to ShyGuytheGamer1 for donating! (10300r)

    And I'm doing the plans for a flying museum that will be on top with probably only fake promos atm
    and a great wall to honor all the donators that helped me.

    Museum in SP unfinished (floor number, base and roof not done)


    Here is the interior clean with no tp (alien squids invaders won't be on emc)


    The beacons of the pyramid will pass perfectly in the lamps (gold thing above that plant thing)
    and make it so there is a beam keeping the museum in the air (thats what I want it to be, just hope it looks this way.)

    Anyway this thread is on hold, I will make it more pretty and all in the futur.
    Thx for reading!
  2. Will be all reedited and put in the final form soon, ''soon'' very very soon.
  3. promo related post.

    I'm desperatly looking for a Flaming mob launcher (pvp business)

    And I'm too poor atm to look after anything else.
  4. What residence?
  5. Quick bump :
    -Lobby is getting done on emc! Some pics, quite different from the SP.

    -Runningrhino and ShyGuythegamer1 donated there head for the donation side. Thx!
    -Optimus_Predator is the new top donator with a solid 71,025r! Thx!
    -Defne_the_Boss is the current top loaner with the Spooky head promo, Thx!
    -all beacons as been set up (8) was a pain but its worth it
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  6. I think that the pyramid should have been on top of the museum. would look much better I think.
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  7. I completely agree with this, nice designs, but I think it would look a lot less out of place if the pyramid was on top! :)
  8. Tried to make something original but I can see now that its a little weird looking lol. I might put it on top if I'm not too lazy one day to remove the 200 heads that are on it lol
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  9. Quick Bump :
    I was on fire the 23 july and a lot of things changed...
    -I got the will an power to remove every head that was on the pyramid and did the lobby, here some pics.

    Outside (will be moved in my res area soon)

    Nothing really new this time in the donation side.
    - jadziaforever donated her head! (jadzia14forever if I didnt messed up in game name)
    - Someone traded a diamond voucher for encahnted materials, thx!

    In progress :
    Diamond voucher is being claimed
    Moving the museum to my 4 square
    Planning road designs
    dirt clearing of museum
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  10. Is there my head?! :eek:
  11. Nowhere to be found :(
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  12. (Sorry) but I'm relieved :) My goal is to keep my head rare...
  13. bump you can donate your head to have a limited place in the lobby or you can donate anything to help me out.
  14. Quick bump :
    Promo shop is over (floor 7 - last floor)

    Do not hesitate to check it out!

    News :
    - new head donations and stand is built.
    - promo shop done, still a lot to do tho

    I dropped the res move but the dirt clearing is done and I'm still thinking about a road design.
    Promo shop fully stocked or almost with different stuff : vouchers, promos and more.
    The pyramid head will be moved underground
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