Looking for people to start up a fresh new wildbase/frontier community

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  1. Like title says, looking for some people to start a new wildbase with. Beeing out in the frontier is the most fun you can have in minecraft imo, and im tired of inactive or solo bases... Doesnt need to be alot of people, but 3+ would be prefered :)

    There should be no "requirements", just looking for people that want a fresh start out in the wild :) Also I have no interest in "running" this would-be community, and dont think theres any need for any leaders and such.. but if you want to "run" it (recruiting, making sure people behave etc) then by all means..

    If youre interested, you could drop some lines about what your goals and hopes for such a community would be! :D

    PS. I am also interested to join already started communities, providing its relatively fresh started (dont want join a /Town 2.0 out in the wild)
  2. nobody wants a fresh start in the wild? :(
  3. I’d be glad to join you :)
  4. I have a project in smp6 which is relatively unfinished. It's basically bare bones but relatively fresh. I'll let you know if I am going to come back to start that up again and join me out there building it
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  5. I would love to join you, if this is still on your to-do list :)
  6. yeah ofc, maybe a couple more and we got ourself a brand new start :D
  7. We've got an outpost on smp2 that you could join called Underhelm. It's not new but due to my hiatus we are essentially starting over. Its also unique for being almost entirely underground, and it's close to spawn
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  8. Sounds nice, but was looking for a fresh start with no real buildings made or any major progress/terraforming.. also we should vote/discuss on what kinda biome/place we would like to start on :) Btw i prefer one of those new 1 mill portals as a starting point
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  9. I am interested. Any biome can be a fun challenge, we'd have to find a place where every biome would be not too far anyway. I don't know when 1.13 will be implemented on EMC, but that maybe the moment to start the adventure?
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  10. yeah sure, unless its long wait until it comes :)

    btw smp 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 works best for me (aka 1 and 9 not so much) lemme know what works best for you guys!
  11. Oh, it is a great idea on the new 1mil spawn portals, much less chance to stumble upon existing builds. Regarding biome, I agree to Binja. There are few biomes being very rare (like messa, ice spikes etc.) but for everyday use, plains/forest/deep ocean/desert/swamp is a must to be nearby.

    Huh, 1.13 might take way too long to arrive on EMC. As Aikar said on the thread "1.13 is coming":
    ["Aikar, post: 1386633"]I can assure you 1.13 is going to take us a lot longer.
    This update may(well, SHOULD) even break every single bukkit plugin in existence, unless the Spigot project does something stupid to try to keep the plugins working.
    Ultimately, I hope they dont, because with the level of changes, its better that we get the breakage out of the way and move on with better code.
    Updating command handling is also going to be a serious update too, as 1.13 introduces a new command framework similar to EMC's.
    So I will be working to integrate our command framework into mojangs. I may be able to start on that before 1.13 releases though.

    Regarding servers: all, but 1, 3, 5, 9 are fine to me.
  12. Okie Evil! So let's scrap this 1.13 idea.That makes it easier to start on anytime :D
    I am for any server but 9 and 3, so so far the possible servers are : 2, 4, 6, 7 or 8.
    Personally, I would like to start in a mesa biome, but I am aware it is rare. If we can't find one, any biome will do, really.
    I am too new here to know about these 'mill' portals. I guess these are sending you to 1000000 blocks away? Oo
  13. Well then, if nobody objects lets just pick SMP8 as our place to start then ? :) Where are people from btw? maybe we should try to meet up in town and go out and look for our place together at a time that suits most of us
  14. No objection to smp8. I live in the GMT+9 zone, so that might be a problem to find a common time with you guys from Norway, Latvia and I don't know where else. Best guess would be on the week-end. If we can't find a common time-slot, we could also decide a square zone and explore it each on his own and report here what we found -more practical, less fun-.
  15. Is this still running?
  16. yeah, sorry.. been some national holiday here and alot of stuff happening IRL. il head out and look for a spot that has most of the biomes nearby and looks interesting. If anyone else also wants to do that, we can decide together wich one is most promising
  17. Ok! I'm already heading out, on SMP8, due east, from the NE 1000000 spawn. So far, I've been through the usual biomes, an ice spike biome, and finally found a podzol biome -very far apart-, but no mesa yet.
  18. So who’s joined so far maybe I’ll join and how far out is this place
  19. well, they dropped out never to be heard from again. BUT I found a nice beautiful place in a mesa, claimed it (on smp8, ARROYO), and am in the process of making a nether tunnel to it. I was going to ask for potential partners over there once i'd have done at least a train track, and a boat track. Are you interested in joining in?