Looking for Nether Brick and a Little End Stone

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  1. Hey guys and girls I am looking to buy a lot of nether brick at a fairly low price. I am building a nther fortress type wall around my shop (8017 on smp4) and I need a lot of nether brick. Here is what I need:

    10 - 30 stacks of nether brick. I will pay 25 - 35r a stack
    I also need 1 - 5 stacks of End stone at 40 - 45r a stack

    If you are interested in selling me these items please message me. If you will sell it for a little more than I said don't hesitate to message me still.

    Thank you for your time now here are some screens: 2012-03-03_17.01.26.png 2012-03-03_17.01.55.png 2012-03-03_17.00.50.png 2012-03-03_17.01.11.png
  2. i got some endstone :) i can also harvest a ton more if u need it! contact me via in-game or pm
  3. I no longer need end stone just nether brick!
  4. Thanks that you are not asking for donation, also I cant afford to sell you any, since I'm using alot right now too. If he have some spare I try to come back to you.
  5. Your welcome I believe in paying people :) If you want to come and check out my progress come on down to 8017 on smp4!
  6. You know you are totally right. Though I am using this for my own personal purposes and not reselling it ;)
  7. So am i, i am using it for my Nether floor
  8. No problem, and to be honest, 64R per stack wouldn't really be overpriced either. It's a pain to gather, and time consuming. 40-50R is probably about the average, but noone usually has it, so prices go up.
  9. Yah I just paid 800r for 21 stacks so that was a really good deal!
  10. yeah, thats ridiculously cheap. but i paid 40R per for a chest full, so pretty close
  11. Nice!