Looking for most efficient auto farm

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  1. Im sorta back, and I'm looking for someone to Make me a "auto" farm under my plot that I hit a switch and it farms it all. I want the best possible ratio with the highest possible yield. Please attach some of your previous work, and your pricing (which I'm sure depends on how big)

    I will provide tools, and all supplies needed. Along with some great company :)

    Please state a time you are available and we can work something out. The sooner the better. Thankyou in advance!
  2. What kind of 'auto' farm are you looking for? Wheat? Carrots?
  3. Wheat. Sorry I didn't specify
  4. Okay, so I have a design I can use to build you a auto harvest wheat farm. It is easily adapted to any size or area layout. Here are some screenshots of the one I personally use, and it normally gets me around 9 stacks of wheat per harvest, but you could easily make it large or smaller if you want.
    2013-08-06_23.20.23.png 2013-08-06_23.20.54.png 2013-08-06_23.21.05.png
    So, as for pricing, it really depends on the size of the farm you want and the layout of it, but it shouldn't be very expensive :) Also, if you want to see that farm yourself, its cddm95ace-3 on smp7
  5. I love it.. Its perfect. Could you do a multilevel one? and give me a estimate on the price for that farm, 4 times
  6. What's good of an auto farm? I mean, what does it do?
  7. Im really now looking to make money with it, I just want tons and tons of wheat for a personal project.

    it just harvests mass amounts of wheat in like 3 sec

    [im going to the airport to drop off my sister. i will be back in a couple hours]
  8. And then the wheat will all get at a central point, right? But, then you'll still have to plant it back, you know.
  9. Right.. it's better than nothing though
  10. Okay, so you basically want my exact same farm, just with three more levels stacked on top? That would probably take me around 3 hours to build or so, and I'll need to adapt the redstone wiring some, but I think I could do the whole thing (you supply the materials) for 10k (price highly negotiable, I just made that up :p PM me and we can discuss details and pricing)