Looking for lots of TNT

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  1. I am looking for like 20 stacks of TNT to blow out my utopia lot dirt. Please let me know if you have
    some to sell or if you have a shop that sells it. Please do not reply unless you have a decent amount to sell.
  2. i have one stack
  3. cool should i come to ur lot? do u have a shop? how much for it?
  4. i play on smp 1 and im still calculating the cost
  5. I sell TnT at 4373 very cheap
  6. 120
    120x120x64 = allot of shovels
  7. I'll sell you 1300R Per stack. Send me a message.
  8. i have 4 stacks of gunpowder would that be good??
  9. I will buy how ever many tnt you have. I don't care how many stacks it is. just let me know when and where.
  10. I will gladly buy those 4 stacks from u. What's ur price
  11. I prob already been through like 15 diamond and countless stone. not to mention detonating about 250 blocks of tnt already. The dirt just never ends
  12. Wat price do u think is fair
  13. They should make an "/empty lot dirt" command xD
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  14. JustinGuy used worldedit and emptied JabrZer0's utopia resident for him. I am sure if you ask JustinGuy nicely he will do it for you like he did for JabrZer0
  15. Do you still want TNT from me
  16. This was only done because it is a community project. Justin won't just go around emptying lots without a good reason to do so :) Just imagine how many requests he would get if he did this for one person ;)
  17. He wouldn't get many and if it did become a certain amount of people requesting then maybe he could add a command to empty the resident but it would cost a certain amount of money
  18. do u want the TNT or not
  19. tech get on smp1