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  1. Hi everyone, Bedfordfamily here! At the moment I am saving up for something that costs 50k, and I only have 25k currently. First of all, I would like to thank those few people who have so far helped me save up. MotherSkuld, for a donation of 1k. Electric_Tree for spending a few thousand r buying some high skilled horses, and I think it was Mikaylagreen44, who also bought a high skilled horse for 1k. And I can't forget wild_daisy_33, who hired me to make a huge pixel art for 2.5k. Speaking of that, go check it out @18790!!!

    Ok, back to business. So I am looking for people to hire me for reasonable prices to do stuff. One of my strengths is pixel art, as you would find out if you checked out the piece I did at wild_daisy_33s res (18790). Also I am looking for people who would want to purchase stuff that I am selling. For instance, my horses. I have about 5 DCs of horses (on my last count, probably more now :p), and I have plenty that people will find fit their needs. ATM I only have a speed section in my Horse Store, but more will soon be added. I have a few 130 horses, but they are only sold by offer (I'm very reluctant to let them go). If you are looking for something other than speed, contact me and I will find something that fits your description.

    Also, I have 2 Freedom Steaks, which I am selling for 3k each (I know it's a bit expensive, but I'm trying to make money!). I will not trade this item. I also have quite a few 'Getting Started' books, so feel free to make an offer on them. I might have a few spare starter gear stuff too... Including some Starter Horses!

    I'm also going to set up some auctions, so stay tuned!

    Ok, I think that's all for now, but I might do some other stuff as well. :p
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  2. I'll buy the Starter Horses :)
    Good luck saving up!
  3. Haha ok how much you offering?
  4. I would like to donate some rupees to help you reach your goal ^_^ because people helped me when I was in need. I'm just passing it on
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  5. Thanks!
  6. I'll pay you 1k per tool you level 30 enchant for me :p
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  7. I hope you enjoy the Rupees XD
  8. I'll buy some starter horses too in collecting, currently have like 35 XD good luck
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  9. With some mining skills you can earn 30k withing 2-3 hours quite easily, for example with quartz.
    You need:
    - unbr. 3 diamond picks: 1x eff 3 and 1x silk touch (don't use them up but transfer enchantments to new ones)
    - good (enchanted) diamond armor
    - ender chest
    - good weapons
    - ender pearls
    - perhaps some potions (fire resistance, healing)
    - food
    - difficulty set to 1
    - /wnether
    - look for caves / cave systems

    Cost of complete equipment: around 5k-8k

    When you come back with stacks of quartz ore and glowstone visit:
    on smp1: /v 2000 (high prices, but chests there might be quite full most of the time)
    on smp6: /v +mm, /v 13131, /v +anon
    on smp8: /v +fs

    and/or use the EMC Market Buy/Sell Portal: http://www.azoundria.com/emc/market

    Good luck!
  10. fixed that for ya :p

    Also whenever i need rupees (like really need some) I just xp farm and sell the enchanted tools to tomcasalino at /v 2000. Or sell the iron i get from an iron farm. I also used to make and sell gold farms in the nether but thats just WAAAAAAAY too boring for me xD

    Theres really no limit to the ways you can earn rupees on emc :p
  11. How much for a giant Pixel Art of a turtle? :p
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  12. Because why not. XD
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  13. I definitely think diamonds are a high return if you get a good mine going. You get a lot of useful other materials while diamond mining. I'm actually trying to expand my existing mine to get some workers once I figure out how to work payments and the big issue - how to mitigate losses from theft and dishonesty.

    Also, the base of the nether can be blasted through fairly fast and there is limited lava there if you wanted to go the quartz route. It sucks because the wasteland resets so you can't really set up any permanent base to smelt the netherrack and get the XP + netherbrick, or a rail line to take you out further where you can get more quartz and transport things back when you get full. It might make the most sense just to pump the netherrack into chests and carry only the quartz back. Netherrack is unlikely to get stolen since it's a junk item, and I saw someone on here buying netherrack so he might pay you for the coords of the chests.
  14. How much do you need from now?
  15. sure! Dad took my laptop (cos I was playing too much MC), but when I get on, sure!
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  16. Thx
  17. Lol k how much you offering? Dunno how much I can get - I usually buy them off new players (don't worry, I'm not scamming them XD)
  18. ?
  19. Great thanks for the shops tps! I'll go on a mining trip sometime.
  20. Great thx! Is this iron farm public or private?
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