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  1. Hey guys and gals of EMC. I've decided that I want to go and have a real survival experience on EMC and to do so I am going to go on one of the servers and kind of start from scratch in the wild - go out with minimal supplies (maybe a few days food) and try and thrive in the wild. If you would like to join me for this adventure please just list below in a post your (age, if you have a skype and if you have ever been banned/temp banned on EMC) I hope to start this adventure today so expect a quick response - Biscuitboy5396
    PS - I plan on making no main base in the frontier in which we choose to go on this adventure so it will be mostly a "what you can carry in your inventory and Ender Chest" Experience :)
  2. 14 I have Skype. I have been temp banned for saying a bad word. What server do you want to go on?
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  3. Well I'm going to rule out SMP1,2 and 8.
  4. I was thinking smp7. I can't get on for a few hour though. I'm at school
  5. Still looking for more applicants!
  6. I could do it just not on smp5 or smp6. I have been banned in the past. But ask anyone I'm an honest trustworthy person:)
  7. Skype and why banned (Pm me if you don't want to announce it)
  8. No Skype and stealing. People change.
  9. Sorry, I am looking for people with skype thanks for applying though.
  10. Yeah, I do have one question though, would you say you have a high voice?
  11. Lol dat post. ^^^^^^^^^^^
  12. 12 and I have a Skype. Never been banned. My voice is from what I can tell low for my age. I'm also very mature for my age. I might not be able to play at all on weekdays.
  13. I am 15 and have Skype. (My voice is average to slightly deep :D) And I've never been banned.

    I'd say that I'm pretty good at surviving, I've already made quite an outpost on SMP5, I'm not very picky as to the server we play on, but I would suggest SMP4, because I've never been on that one before, so I literally would be starting from scratch.
  14. Sounds good
  15. Why not just join an outpost and go out there with just enough supplies to get there?
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  16. We want to start a new one from the ground up. Basically. With no supplies other than what we can gather.
  17. Sooooo... im out?
  18. I will, I prefer that we go after 1.7 for the new biomes :)
    14, Skype is yes, and banned for chat :)