Looking for Experienced Shop Owners!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by galazeek, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Im preparing to start a new shop at 731 on smp1. If you are an experienced shop owner and arent broke...you are the kind of person i need!
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  2. I fit your description but what would you want me to do?
  3. i do as well, i currently owned a very successful shopping centre with 10 other users shops then they made enough money to leave and i got more people, but due to some inconsiderate people that griefed i closed it
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  4. ok i only need 1 person so ill look at your shops and judge them...what are your res #'s?
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  5. I kinda deleted my megamall XD I'm working on a secret project now...
  6. I am experienced with shops,but sorry all of mine are closed(construction in progress) but I will help you out if it is within my limits.
    What do you need?
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  7. It's unclear to me what you are looking for. Advice? Suppliers? Donations?
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  8. Just so its clear, your job will be simply my right hand man. You will get 50% of the money made at the shop. You will mostly do your strongs: If your good at supplying things from the wild then you should do that. Other examples are like construction, advice, pricing, etc. If there is a product you like to sell you could sell it at that shop.
  9. I don't think i would want that job, Sorry.
  10. Then what are you looking for in a co-ownership?
  11. Also, it doesnt matter if your shop is closed as long as youve owned one. I mostly want to know if you made money from it. If you still want the job, your my first choice
  12. So basically, you just want help running your shop lol. It's not hard bud.
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  13. True, but once im done with the shop ill get stocked up on a lot of things and then i wont be around as much. I give the co-owner plenty of supplies and they can take care of it when im not around. You wont have to like sign in every day to check on it, but around once every 1 or 2 weeks would be fine
  14. ill do that for yeh
  15. Ok...if zbalda doesnt accept in 24 hours you"ll get the job
  16. I have a shop in progress and am not broke.
  17. 9283
  18. Whats your res #
  19. Its not a bad shop id just reccommend arranging stuff a bit better and making tp signs. :)
  20. Try /v 9000 on smp4
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