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  1. Intro: I am looking for someone with talent in building epic looking buildings you can post your builds here + if i reply saying "Coolz" start building for what I need. If I reply saying "eh" then sorry I don't think your cut out for it (not trying to be mean cause I an't either but you can also just start winging it I don't really need to see your builds at the end of the day the one you come up with for me is the most important :) )
    What You basically Need to do : Build a epic looking building that will be having a tower in the middle (design the tower, go to 1917 to see how big the tower will be, You will not need to worry about the interrior for the tower because ama be making a bedrock to skyblock parkour)
    Pay: 75,000r if i choose you (there will be no guarantee that i will pick someone, all really depends on your build. If you want i can pay you 25k for build and provide material)
    Things that need to be included in the build + Other things you need to know
    1: Of course 60x60 area
    2: The tower in the middle (Tower will be hitting skyblock but you do not need to make your build that high try to make a nice closing at a decent height. Also you don't need a roof but make the top cool enough that the roof doesnt need to be there. For example the corners or sides spreading out like a blossom or something)
    3: Stairs leading to underground (you won't have to build stuff underground I will)
    4: You do not need it to be made out of sandstone i can always change the blocks so far i used for the tower :), pick any block you want to use
    5: You will be providing for material if you pick the 75,000r (If you want i can pay you 25k for build and provide material)
    6: Please use soartex fanver texture pack because it is the texture pack I have been using and will be using for the rest of my life xD
    7: Post pictures of your builds or your build of what i want or you can go with videos even better because that way its more in depth
    8: I will give probably 2 weeks - a month to show me what you came up with, I will be checking this post regularly and if i dont get anyone by a months time I will probably have to build it myself which will probably look eh but o well

    Here are some build designs that portrays the design I like so you can refer to:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpXjtlUDVmQ&feature=related (The tower at 7:07)

  2. Heres what I built on my res:

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  3. I will post one of my builds on Friday and I can talk to my friend about building for you because he has done some of the yogscast building stuff and he hasn't been very busy lately
  4. Those are some nice pixel art jay2a but iam looking for more of buildings. Although the 2nd and 3rd pictures are but thats not much of it only a part, would be cool if u took a picture at an angle where most of it is visible.

  5. Eclipys *Spelled it wrong I know*
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  6. Dudelol can I get back to you on Friday I don't see the guy till then?
  7. what does he have to do with it :p? O.O
    Yea I don't mind
    Yea, forgot to mention not really looking for underground stuff cause i can do that part xD and ill take a look now :)
  8. It will be hard to retake the second picture, because its underground. If you want to see my buildings for yoursself, its res 2422 Smp1.
  9. He's amazing at building and he would probably do it for free since he doesn't play EMC :)
  10. My friend will do it for fee
  11. That would be cool would have to see his build first :) ( Also if he doesnt play he can just give the money to you :) )
  12. Here are some better pics of my staircase:

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  13. SWEET if you watch the machine mod by bluexephos ( I think that's what it's called) you will see :) he's amazing
  14. It's the Ugo craft mod
  15. Those are nice builds ask him to do something with the somewhat of a format i placed on top (including tower in middle + 60x60 area) Also what somewhat confuse me is if he doesnt play emc how is he going to provide his own materials xD?
  16. Have you seen him build :p?
    You can ask him.
  17. Nope i havn't O.O whats his res?
  18. No he doesn't play EMC but i do and I can supply :)
  19. I will pm you when I get a response
  20. is your friend ridgedog?!?