[Looking For] Enchated shop

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  1. Hi i am looking for an enchated Shop Any help?
  2. smp6 12214
  3. anything you need thats not there let me know i have more that arent put out and a ton of books.
  4. K well i have a huge order... Full set of diamond Armor Protection Iv, but with the boots i want Feather Falling IV
    Then for a sword Looting III Sharpness V Then for a bow Everything... Thats all but everything needs to be diamond! i will pay 10,000
  5. Check fatandythegreat in smp8
  6. Lol i might not have to if Gdo accepts
  7. The bows cost 15k themselves, loothing 3 sharpness5 is about 6-8k, and your armor is like 1200 per peice of armor+ ffeather falling 1k. The way i look at it is your looking at about 27,800 (approx)
  8. Ok how about in books?
  9. Check this out Or Come see for yourself :D smp8 16612
  10. crap... just put everything in the vault and lost it all D:
  11. I sell god bows if somebody wants pm me
  12. if i did that itd be more then 10k lol...i can get some of that now. send me a pm if u want me to go ahead
  13. Nvm... i have bought all the books it costed about 17k so i think it would really cost about 18k because the diamond only costs about 1000r and the bow would be easy :p i have made it iron because it would be easier to repair
  14. smp 1- 534
  15. PM me for any enchants you would like.