Looking for Efficiency Picks

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  1. Hey guys! I am working on a 10000 block 3x3 tunnel (with branches every 2 blocks for maximum ores) and figured that enchanted picks might help a lot.
    I would like any efficiency 3 or 4 picks (unbreaking would be awesome)
    Now i do have my own blaze spawner that i can use (that can level me to around 50 in an hour and a half) but i could use extra picks that i can buy off of you guys.
    So name your price and i may purchase your pickaxe. Please use the following format
    1. Type of pickaxe
    2. Your price
    3. Smp? and what residence

    Thanks for your help empire!
  2. I have some picks, on my residence (6046) on smp3. :)

    Efficiency III - 750 Rupees each

    Efficiency III Unbreaking III - 1,500 Rupees each
  3. Efficiency 3, 525r
    smp1 res 928.
    only got the one :)
  4. Thank you guys, bought you both out. Very good priced efficiency picks. This will help me alot!
  5. Efficiency 3 and 4
    1k each for efficiency 3 and 2k for efficiency 4
    smp2, 3144

    They aren't the cheapest but I do have quite a few.
  6. Unbreaking 3 + efficiency 5 (1 of this) 4.5k/each
    Unbreaking 3 + Efficiency 4 (i've got 2 of this) for 3k each
    Unbreaking 3 + efficiency 2 (ive got 1 of this) 1.5k each
    Efficiency 4 (i've got 5 of this) 2k each.
    eff 3 for 1k

    I've got also some basic unb 2 if u need.
    6065 SMP3
  7. err, dubzy I swore I paid 8k for an eff4 pick, or was that with Ubr3?
  8. try 10025 on smp5, He's has alot of Pick one of them being a silktouch with either eff3 or Dur3 about 21k
  9. Thank you , i purchased the unbrk 3 efficiency 4 picks. I would be happy to buy all of those efficiency 4 picks for 3.7K ( i know its kind of cheap, but i figured id ask ;), as i need so many picks) if not, its fine, just let me know.
  10. Sorry firebox, your changing 10k for 3.7k thats much :S
    I have the chests for whoever wants to buy them, just /v copherfield
  11. No problem
  12. That was with unb 3
  13. Got quite a few picks at 4007 SMP2 :)
  14. Unbreaking III for 1k each i have 3
    Efficiency 4 is 2k i have 1.
    go to 3838 on smp2 :)