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  1. 8 hrs left Will change time every 5 hrs or so

    Hey guys, I have recently asked many people to try out this challenge but they all failed :(. So I decided to make a post about it and ask the EMC community, not just smp1.

    Challenge: To build a intimidating/epic looking skull entrance (alot of people mistook what I wanted and build a pixel art, which is not what I want). This entrance is for my parkour :).

    Requirement for build:
    - I do not want it to be too big but big enough, lol. Try to keep it under 30-40 blocks in height.
    - The entrance will be part of a wall so build a wall before u start (like the 3 images on the very bottom)
    - Build this in creative mode and paste a few screenshot of it here
    - I will provide materials for the build
    - Payment is 10,000r (unless i love the build ALOT, in which case it might be more but 10,000r for now lol)
    - The payment is given to the build that I found most fiting to vision :).

    Examples (I do not want it to look exactly like them)

    http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-phantoms-skull-cave/ (the picture not the guys build)

    Images below is most accurate in what I am really looking for. The top is for samples of builds that look somewhat like these images.

    -This job will be up until I find that one build that is super epic (or until I realized that everyone has failed)
    -I will be very honest to those who post their builds here so just a warning before you do :p
  2. I can design it. But is I need about a week or so to build it. I send a pic when I am done. Also, I could design a giant room for the parkour :/
  3. I may be able to do this, just give me some time to work it out on csp, and ill post screenshots when im done.
  4. Great guys I am glad to hear people is up to it. And cool brick u can pitch ideas to me for my parkour :) its going to be a WHOLE res so :). Also don't worry about time this thing is up until i find that build i want so xD. Although I really wished i can find that build in the next 1-2 weeks
  5. SWEET I love designing stuff in creative. I am kinda of rubbish at survival but I will send the file to you once I am done. BTW what res do you want it on, the dug out res or the empty res?
  6. This entrance is going to be in the dug out res (1916). The actuall parkour residence will be the one right near it (1917). Right now its this random build i kind of started which I will most likely reset
  7. If you want ... Wait I just show you when it's finished.
  8. Okay after about two hours of building and designing I think I am almost done.

    The horns still need work but other than that I think it's complete.
    I will upload the file tomorrow, I have to go to bed now.
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  9. Brick, since I said I would be honest to everyone. This probably won't cut it. It's creative but looks very messy. Perhaps the only part of the build i found interesting was the horns that comes up from the ground, looks nice ;o. Other than that it is kinda messy man x.x. Don't let this discourage you though.
  10. Demonic is messy.... :p
  11. I will be working more on it today at like 5 PST. I will try to make it look good.
  12. i might start a design
  13. If need for show i will add a lava pool around if need for show. Anything to fix it tell me and ill do it to maek it better
    Here it is:

    2013-04-19_12.36.56.png 2013-04-19_12.37.04.png 2013-04-19_12.37.15.png 2013-04-19_12.37.21.png 2013-04-19_12.37.31.png
  14. Hey Kippy this following message is for u (I wont be quoting people image post anymore too much waste of space :p).

    Ok so you got the basic idea down. But, the skull is still not of that professional level. I believe it can be used for maybe playful stuff (thats how it looks to me) but I'am trying to get that darkness element to the overall design. Refer to the 3 images above to fix it up if your still up to it.

    P.S. Don't ask me what "playful stuff" is. It's how I attempted to get out my thoughts lol ._. (I understand what I mean there but might be different for others)
  15. I'll try this out, however I'm not a great builder. I'll post pictures if I think it's good.
  16. heres another try, ill go again if this doesnt work :)

  17. kippy use cobble, redstone blocks for eyes, make the nostrils one block 3d the eyes two blocks 3d, make white wool teeth and round the top of the skull
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  18. Kippy, its hardly changed :p. You added vines to it ._., but try to take bitemenow advice. I am not really good at them lol.