Looking for an architect/contractor for my residence on smp 4

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by floflo120, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. I am looking for an talented exteriour architect/designer for my residence on smp 4. I already have four huge circular stone brick towers that I would like incorporated in the design. I am looking for an original, massive, breathtaking kind of design. Other elements of the residence can be modified. Payment will be negotiated once we discuss preliminary details. Contracting is also also a possibility and bear in mind that I have sufficient materials for almost any project. Since I detest the nether (past traumatic experiences with some unfriendly blazes...) I also require that only overworld materials be used. Either reply to this thread or pm me.

    Should anyone have any suggestions who I should contact, I would be appreciative.
  2. Contact me. I don't have any finished buildings but I have some things under construction.
  3. I think eclipses left EMC.
  4. No he did not.
  5. Oh. I just thought he did.
  6. I will gladly attempt to take on this project, maybe it will help me get my construction business off the ground :D
  7. I'd love to help, I think Im good at building, I have been told a few times that my res was good, even though its not done