Looking For A Wilderness Partner

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by 72Volt, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hey, all. I'm looking for a partner to assist me with my Wilderness base.
    The roles of this will include:
    • Excavating the base and mining.
    • Construction of mob and wheat farms.
    • Transportation of resources between the base and my res.
    Preferred attributes would include:
    • Supporter status to hide themselves on livemap.
    • Experience in farming and mining.
    • Accustomed to travelling long distances by boat.
    Anyone interested?
  2. I am intrested but I am not a supporter and I am semi good at driving boats. I am good at making automatic farms and good at building things. Things include houses and semi good at building mob traps. Mob traps count as were the fall almost to there death but enough for you to gain xp. I can also make a mob xp grinder for your use. I also dont mine traveling long distances. Only problem with that is that I would need food. As long as you provide food and a little bit of reward, I dont mine helping you at. On more thing is I need to know the time of this thou. Will it be 3:00-9:00 or something else. Also need to know that my time is EST.