Looking for a server to build on

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  1. hey guys i'm a minecraft builder/ adventurer which server is best for builds? I do cities and castles but also some pixel work and dungeons.
  2. All of the servers have some very impressive building and pixel art. I am not sure if I could address you to one in particular.
  3. Smp2, Its a very friendly server, and one of the older ones, has a nice community of active players, and many of the problems with random strange people, and griefers (because they go for "newer" servers to wreck their beauty) are already gone and done with, while we still do got a high percentage of chat spamming and CAPS ( -_- ) we are still very friendly and work together alot. While any EMC server is nice, IMO that smp2 is ... " The best :D " :)
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  5. smp2 is great! (this is WAY off topic)
  6. Smp3 FTW