Looking For A Reliable Handyman As My Personal Assistant

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  1. I have gotten so busy that it is no longer feasible for me to keep up with all I have to do on my own. I am going to hire a handyman/woman for my personal assistant.
    Here are some of the things I will want you to do:
    Harvest trees
    Shear sheep
    Look for items I need in other shops
    Breed Animals if needed

    I will pay a nice weekly salary and then a per stack fee for all work done. The stack price will depend on the selling price of the item in need. This will change based on demand.
    I am moving my complete store to Smp7 as I just cannot keep up with two servers anymore. Before you ask, I already have a manager for my Mall on Four :)

    I will require at least three references and I will check your profile in Square to see what kind of player you have been. I expect anyone working for me to uphold all the rules and examples of EMC.
    If you are interested you can reply here. I will watch this daily and make a decision no later than the middle of next week.

    Thank You
  2. Is there a time frame for this job, or is it just however long you need the assistant?
  3. I will want daily work of a round of the trees and shearing what wool is low in stock. I would say and hour a day would cover it on those two. I occasionally need supplies that will require time shopping. A good assistant will learn the nice affordable shops carrying what I am always needing. :)
    If an hour a day is devoted I will be happy :) Once the chosen player gets the swing of my playing habits they may be able to do most of it even if I am not online. THAT will make us BOTH very happy :)
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  4. I might do this job
  5. I might choose you IF you send me the info I requested :)
  6. I want it
  7. referenes as in people who you have done jobs for in the past oh thats easy :D oh darn ive only done like 2 D: maaan gotta work some more i could probably do this tho soccer might get in the way somedays... hmmm now im not sure if i can do it. :mad:
  8. Would " we " put the shopping resources to chest what is marked - example [access] LuxuryMushroom?
    it would be easy to just put them there and wait that you claim them

    i can make few shifts in regular basis - i can inform you if something happens

    Internets is being annoyin or school gets on the way

    I live in Finland current time here is when i posted this - 14:36 / 2:36 pm

    Instructions and i will follow - teach me and i will study
  9. Hmm, I think this is a really nice way to get busy in Mincecraft. I would actually apply if my fantasy wouldnt pop up ideas all 2 minutes. But I think there are lots of people who are bored on a regular basis who should think about this :). Making a name as reliable assistant is worth alot. You could actually make a mc career with it ^^.
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  10. I will do it i have a lot of time on my hands for nothing
  11. Okay, so I appreciate the offers and interest, but none of you are giving me the things I need in order to make a decision. I want at least 2 references that can tell me how you were on their residence with flags. People that you have been friends with or worked for that will verify your trustworthiness. I will not give a position to someone I cannot trust. This bit me already once this month.
    Please give me a name or two that I can talk too and then I will see what your profile looks like in Square. I am not paying someone hundreds of rupees a week salary and then for the stacks they do if I don't know anything about them. :(
    You will ONLY be considered once I have the information I need.
    Thank You
  12. I dont need dollars, im okay with rupees anyways - but yeah... moment

    Possible Sneak Edit - : I would nominate Paterance to be questioned - i do some chores for him because i owe some rupees for him
    Edit: Had to fix grammar Paterance didn't liek eet
  13. I meant rupees lol... and I will talk to him when I get back :)
  14. May I get the job
  15. IF no one else seems trustworthy enough for you in this, I would not mind helping out. :) Do I really have to post references?
  16. I have a profile in square? Lol

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  17. Hey RobbieJo,i would love this job.I love to spend a lot of time out in the wilderness and mine,harvest,do whatever.
    I have played on EMC for some time and am familiar with all of the rules and regulations.(I have a few reference players I can list:ashtinmark1,fluffinator09,dentron,to name a few). Please take this into consideration. Thank You,

    P.S. I have an older brother who has been killing players if that shows up in square. Thanks.
  18. Well R0bbieJo I really don't know what to tell you, I've changed since you told me not to be rude to others. I'm trusted by allot of members including nnnnmc1, biscuitboy5396, SephirothWS, mtp1997, Leowaste, and many more amazing players. Well known in SMP2 and SMP5 since they were my home server. I also try to remind and uphold the rules in SMP5 since allot of players don't follow guidelines and people started following my footsteps. Just a note I used to work for Leowaste until I moved to SMP5.
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  19. I would apply because Im good at this stuff but I know I'm currently under watch by just about every mod.
  20. RobbieJo,

    I am on almost 12 hours a day, I have never been banned or warned since I have joined the Empire.

    I would be able to spare you an hour or two, that's not a problem.

    I have built up a very good base of suppliers on SMP6 and therefor I could get things cheap.

    As for references, I really don't know who to put down. I tend to have people work for me than the other way round.

    I would Give Magazijnierk as one. I have helped him when he was having difficulties building and he always came to me when he wanted some help with a problem, or when he needed advice.

    Although I'm struggling to pinpoint two more to be exact. Id recommend asking anyone on SMP6 and I'm sure you would get a very good response from the community there. I go out my way to help others rather than anything else.

    I know this is not upholding the rules by putting down 3 references but it is really hard when I'm here there and everywhere helping out.

    I put a lot of pride in anything I do for anyone on here and I'm 100% sure they would all agree.

    I know not putting 3 down has a high chance of canceling me out, but I'm just being honest


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