Looking For A Megashop To Supply

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  1. I am setting up alot of auctions as u ppl see beacause all the malls that i was supporting went down of the owners getting banned so now im looking for a mall to support again im willing to get alot of items from dirt to diamonds but im mostly into farming items like wheat , sugar cane etc.

    I am looking for some money for each item i get there must be a resonable price u pay me cause im not gona get items for free .
    The las thing i wana say is that the owner has to be kind to me and respect me cause of the times ive had of the owners ignoring me now i want it to not happen anymore.

    PM me if u want to offer me a supplier job in a megashop!
  2. I need the following: Gold (Blocks), Diamond (ore, gem whatever),
  3. Need suppliers at 2515 there are sell signs there
    And Also a future supplier for 540 mega mall not open yet tho, pm me and bekalusa about it
  4. 4005 - EMC's longest surving and most original mall - sell today to earn YOUR rupees! :cool:
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  5. I always have room in my chests for suppliers to sell at decent prices at 8122 Jungle Shop on smp4.
    I buy most of what I sell in the main shop, and I also have a few bulk double chests for anyone to sell to, against the outer wall.
  6. I'm building a mega mall, 18003 on smp9. Please sell me your gold ingots!
  7. Jennypoo10 at 3959 of smp2 doesnt always have her store stocked because she isnt always on
    maybe you could supply her, but you would need to talk to her
  8. 540 BROCO SMP1, not open at the moment it will need heavy stocking.
  9. Lucky for u i have a stock of gold now in my hands :D
  10. Yes i vould like to talk to her seems like a nice store ;)
  11. Ok but if its not open yet there is no stocking needed when it will be up il stock it soo much that the chests will implode :D
  12. 9139 - SMP4's Cheapest!

    We need loads of things we love to stay instock! I will make a full list when I do another stock check
  13. PM me the list il start doing the items ;)
  14. You'll have 4 double chests to stock of each item :D
  15. 8888 when it finally opens :)
  16. :O Awesome res number! Me envy you!
  17. haha, yeah it's pretty good. However I envy only one; 1111 on SMP1 (I can't believe I forgot who owns that), it's also a megamall!
  18. Il guess that 8888 is on smp8 :D
  19. Yeah I live on smp1 it's Faithcasters and im going to be his only opposition on smp1. :)