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Should I continue making a huge tower on my res?

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Yes,continue 5 vote(s) 62.5%
No,abort build 3 vote(s) 37.5%
Other,(for other responses) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hi my name is Racer3451 and I am posting a buisness (in emc) which you pay 200r a day,
    I can do any kind of job,even buying things for you!So basicly you pay 200r and i become your "slave" for the day.I am at smp8,pm me when im on for a renovation.Have a great day!

    Oh you can also type in this post
  2. Well, if you're willing to travel 10,000 blocks through SMP8's Wild, do some work at my outpost and a small bit of work at my SMP4 res, I can guarantee you a lot more than 200r per day.
  3. i could do that but we will have to set up a time
  4. i am okay at 6:00 eastern time on week days but don't get mad if i have to go
  5. Okay, here's my offer:
    Anytime you want, just fill in the enclosed water area with cobble when you get there and then await further orders. Once I see evidence you've been working, you'll start getting a share of group income.
  6. one thing i do not know where your out post is
  7. Not to worry, I'll message you coords when I get on my laptop.
  8. I need a permanent worker on my res on smp7, so if you can work there, I will pay you more than 200r the days you work for me. You will be a builder most of the times, but I´ll sometimes need someone to harvest my farms or chop trees.....
  9. Today, I paid my outpost partner 10 times that as his dividend. This offer from Petter pales in comparison to mine.
  10. naaah. You can work for more people if you want to, but I need a "janitor" or worker and if you work hard and do what I tell you to do, you will get a lot more than 200r :D
  11. mr_petter i would be glad to work for you at 6:00 pm eastern time
    i now think walking that far is not my type re looking over the chat
  12. i was wondering if u could do a job for i know it is a big job and this big job would require big pay. the job i wantr you to do is dig out an intire res. and in return ill pay you 6000 r.
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  13. you sir have a deal
    but i will do it occasionally ok
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  14. Bit to low of a price but since he's a new member he probably didn't know so you got lucky.
  15. thnx im bout to go on holiday so you can start the job in 4 days sry oif this is unconvinuint
  16. um i do know its a big job and i am not a new member it keeps saying that(to: EMC what do i have to do wait a year to get it removed?) oh read the first post
  17. don't worry
  18. I am running low on diamonds, If you are able I would like you to mine as many diamonds as possible. I will pay 40r for every diamond you give me with a 500r bonus for every stack you get.
  19. I will think about that. I got ambushed by creepers last time i went mining
  20. This isn't a day/time thing, but I will pay 11r a gold ingot and 100r a gold block at 1254.