Looking for a group in smp 6

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  1. Hi I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place but I wanted to see if there is a group with a spot open for me I would prefer not to switch servers though. Anyways thanks in advance.
  2. I'll keep an eye out for you :)
  3. feel free to join us on SMP 6. just go to the east frontier head past the TP's over the hill and follow the cobblestone road till you get to us. you could also use our subway as well its just off the path you will see it. Its a netherbrick station. just pick a spot and start building. we are currently up to 15 members
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  4. he means north of the east frontier
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  5. Hi Gang. I might be interested also if I may. Just wondering if its near any water.... will check it out
    Are you establishing?
  6. its very obvious where it is, most of its members never hide on livemap, water is near but not a part of the base
  7. feel free to join us. if you need anything just ask anyone out there. water is very near and we have 2 farms out in it. we are currently working on getting every one a beacon out there for free. thank to the public utilities there. feel free to use any of the farms some are under remolding. just go to the east spawn and head north.
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  8. Hi Gang

    appears we have 2 momentus in the outpost now. We have the first New EMC Avenger, Captain Momentus!!
    maybe we should glass him in and keep him as a pet!!

    By the way, I'm Raaynn, new to the outpost and the frontier, so pleased to meet ya all
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