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  1. I know I should probably post this on Yahoo answers or something, but anyways, here is my question :p

    I am looking for a fully-automatic airsoft gun in the $150-$200 range that is full-metal.
    Also, I'm looking for a cock-back airsoft gun that is in the $20-$30 rang that is also full-metal.
  2. Model? FPS limit or no? Color? Gas or AEG?
  3. Any model, 470 fps limit (I don't want to be making my friends bleed :p), AEG
  4. I used to have a nice MP5 metal co2
    This looks like a newer version of what I had.

    Never got to shoot it, couldnt buy any co2 for it :p

    Although, I really enjoyed playing 'army' with it... xD
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  5. I am basically an airsoft gun enthusiast. I love them, and have quite a few of my own. If I had to say though, I really like the M4 looking guns. For instance, at a price of $109.95 (plus shipping), the CM506 M4 CQB at http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/115...cqb-ras-v2-metal-gearbox-airsoft-gun-aeg.aspx

    But wait, there's more! I personally like this sniper rifle from Airsoft GI. I am a huge fan of sniper rifles mostly, and I am actually saving up to buy this one. Full metal, 400FPS, 30 round mag capacity, and more! http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_742_113&products_id=9168
  6. Do you have a battery from an old gun, or is this your first? If you have an old battery and it looks like this but in 8.4V, don't use in a new gun.
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  7. AS Megastore has been relatively poor in the past, and CYMA M4s are to be avoided. Any stock sniper rifle is to be avoided as well.
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  8. I have a battery from an old gun but not too sure what the voltage is etc.

    I'll try to check tomorrow
  9. it also depends the type of player you are/would like to be. if you want to constantly be moving around avoid sniper rifles as they are not good for that. i would also look around at the fps limits in your area if you decide you want to go shoot with other people as each place has their own limits especially when it comes to indoor/outdoor they are each different. 20-30 wont get you a good pistol at all if that is what you meant by "cock-back". I would recogmend looking around on "airsoftgi" to see what they have (pretty much any type of gun you can think of) and their guns are all great quality and you get your moneys worth. you can narrow down your search to find exactly what you want by price/brand etc.

    also i would go with either electric or pneumatic blow-back for the aeg rather than co2 because you will fly through the cartridges of c02 very fast and the electric airsoft guns have a longer life span. i say pneumatic blow-back because they also have a much longer life span and very little wear and tear compared to the regular blowback guns. let me know if you would like any more information
  10. I am just looking to airsoft with my friends so there are no FPS.

    20-40 feet is the range we are shooting at and none of them use snipers.
    I will rarely use the pistol but I am willing to spend around $40 max on one.
  11. there are a few that are decent priced but yes KWA can be a bit pricey for what you get but they will never fail you same with Echo1 or any airsoftgi's custom guns. not sure about that brand of ak's though i havnt seen that name before but that is just me.
  12. KWA guns are the product hype built lies. Their gas guns are good, but their AEGs are in no way better performing or more durable than competing brands. VFC guns are fantastic, and if you play very often, only require a piston swap. Echo1 guns are mostly rebranded JG/A&K guns but for a higher price and some minor cosmetic changes. ASGI's guns are usually rebranded G&G combat machine variants (which are not all that great, bad gearboxes and wiring), but their FMG4s are fantastic because they are Lonex built guns, and Lonex makes some of the very best parts you can get, and good "budget" guns ($240).
  13. the reason i say KWA is a great brand is because i own a few and have known plenty of people that do as well which is what im basing all my information on. something about G&G they are not entirely bad guns the bad gearboxes/wiring can just be a simple mishap where someone got a faulty gun which goes that way for any brand out there as no gun is perfect there will always be the freak accidents. but again everyone has their own opinions and are always titled to them
  14. The expensive G&Gs are great, but the ones that could apply in this situation are not. They are not manufactured with the same quality of parts and precision. I spend a lot of time reading over at Airsoft Mechanics, which is a place where to tech side of airsoft is exposed, including stress tests, compatibility test, material chemistry, all that good stuff. Their opinion on KWA guns is less than good, because they use a proprietary gearbox, magazine feeding mechanism, hop-up system, etc. I don't own one personally, but I have tried and helped someone attempt at fixing it, it was a disaster. Nothing works well with them except stock parts which perform below average for their price. The whole "Engineered to Outperform" thing is pure BS, but they get sales via word of mouth. Anyone who knows about the internals of airsoft guns will suggest a VFC over a KWA. And don't even get me started on how they claim you can use a 11.1LiPo in a KWA safely, because you can't. The trigger contacts will fry, as they would in any stock gun, you need a proper MOSFET setup in order to stop any arcing. The fact that they outright lie about that discredits them on any level, don't even need evidence that the competitors are of better quality.

    Not trying to start fight, just explaining my dislike of them.:p
  15. the pistol yes is a good gun. the 1911's tend to be really reliable when it comes to pistols even though they can be a bit pricey but you are getting what you pay for, i dont personally own this brand i actually have a blackwater 1911 and it works very well. the m4 i am not sure about but m4s are pretty good depending on the brand i own one similar to it which is a kwa sr10 though pretty expensive now at the time it wasnt as bad and i havnt had any issues and have had it for around 4 years now and use it all the time (lost a little rubber stopper when cleaning barrel so the hop up didnt work for a little while until i found and put it back in lol). lastly when it comes to kwa yes one forum may not like it but it is different from person to person. i have had mine for quite a long time and have had not one issue with it with lots of usage as stated above. and i know quite a bit about the internals of guns as i work on all different brands when needed. just got to be familiar when it comes to fixing things otherwise it will not work out well. if you would like i can shed some more light on all of this for you awesome just send me a pm and i can go more in depth.
  16. It is not about opinion, it about understanding engineering and material sciences, which is a lot of what that forum is dedicated to. Opinions do vary from forum to forum, but they should be disregarded when it comes to an airsoft gun because performance is almost purely determined by the internals. It would be like comparing the launch X360 and PS3. Both had great games and were very fun to use, both had very strong opinions on which were better, but the X360 was structurally deficient (RROD for several years and product iterations). When it comes to airsoft, since the internals are everything that determines performance, you have to throw opinion out the window. Yes, a $350 KWA will outperform a $200 anything else, but there is absolutely no reason to get one over a VFC, G&P, G&G, Real Sword, good King Arms, etc.
    Would you be willing to clean it? You would also need to get silicone oil (spray or not, your preference) since CO2 has no lubricant in it. If you were to not oil it, the internals would eventually shatter/severely crack and that is obviously not good lol. Not sure with the brand, some of their cheaper pistols are pure junk but is true with practically every company who makes less than $40 gas pistols.
    I am not a fan of them personally due to their history of bad wiring, but I have heard that they are getting better. The listing also doesn't mention if it has a battery included. A few other G&Gs have special listings if they include batteries, so I would assume this one does not. It would be best to contact ASGI though, as I am just speculating.
    That all together with the 23% off coupon code comes out to ~$220 (charger is not included with the code due to legal reasons, hence why it is ~$220 and not ~$216). The battery should fit if the page is not lying, and that charger will save your house/room if you ever forget to take it off the charger.
  17. I am fine with cleaning the pistol.

    Also, what coupon code? Lol

    EDIT: Nvm but... I don't get the point of giving away coupons for free.. what?