[LOOKING] for a bulk partner

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  1. I'm looking for a bulk supply partner we would have to go to the wild once every day we would split the money and trips to the heather might be needed as requests are made for items I'm looking mostly anybody I am looking for anyone as long as they supply the stuff and go to the wastes everyday just apply in this thread please no PMs confusing to get three or four at once

    Ingame name:
  2. I'm looking for a partner please anyone just put your IGN and your in just need two people and BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP!!!!!!
  3. Bump no one wants to help :(
  4. What would we be getting and how much? How long would the trips take? I might be interested! :)
  5. deffinatly interested
  6. Ya am interested
  7. Formal Application:

    IGN: EnvoyDragon

    For the sake of formality.
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  8. Formal Application
    IGN: Electric_Tree

  9. I hope you mean you'll go to the /waste everyday :p Also I suggest giving more details.
  10. Yep every day, but can I have sunday off?
  11. Yeah sure
  12. cheers!
  13. When do we start?
  14. When ever you want
  15. Cobble would be preferred but anything
  16. Ok, im on it, which res do you want the cobble etc.. on?