[POSITIONS] WC co positions

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  1. Cobble team:

    Wood team:

    Paper team:

    Neather team: hurricanehero35

    Ore team:

    Water/lava team:

    Stone/refined ores team: Envoydragon

    I will be making a thread for what has been gotten from the people in this thread
  2. I might be able to help with cane and water/lava
  3. Do you want to or are you still thinking?
  4. i can definitly help with the water/lava, but with sugar cane, it depends on the order size
  5. Alright added
  6. I can help with stone and possibly other positions as needed. How would a sugar cane run work? Wouldn't it be more economical to build a farm in town?
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  7. Added and just some people that have cane farms and don't have uses for it can use it for that job
  8. What's the nether team? Netherrack?
  9. I can join the nether team im constantly there anyway
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  10. Neater items
  11. neather
  12. Ugh auto correct
  13. actually we were both wrong, it is nether :p
  14. What's my job?
  15. Getting stuff from the nether
  16. Bump need more supply getters you get 675 per thing unless hard to get its 1.2k!!!
  17. What do you mean 675 per thing? Can you reword this so it makes more sense? Maybe give an example?
  18. Lol ment DC 675r per DC unless its a hard to get items then its 1,200r
  19. So if I got you a dc of quartz ore I get 1,200 r.....
    and dc of glowstone 1200r?
  20. For quartz no that would be 10k and glow stone yes