[Looking For] A Builder!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you all something! I need a Builder for Utopia! It's my 2nd Res, and I'm building a library! Down below, leave this format and the 1st person to I'll pick to help me build (also shown me a picture of one of your builds):

    Username: HelloKittyRo
    Picture of my Builds:

    Thanks guys!

  2. Egh, i will do it but i don't have any favourite builds so if you want 5000 pics just say ^-^
  3. Ok, ^-^
    Can't trust until you give pictures.
  4. Why do you have a building service but you need a builder?
    Do you need a helper or just a builder to build the entire thing?
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  5. Both...
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  7. for all you know he just randomly downloaded a few PMC pics xD How does showing pictures equal trustworthyness?
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  8. There's a certain truth to that statement... :p
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  9. I hear this is a pretty good building service...
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