[Service] My Building Service!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to start a service. So, today, I was helping Builds_with_46 build this:

    So, I wanna start a service!

    This service lets me build and help you guys! To let me help you, do /res pset HelloKittyRo build t! I DONNOT grief. I'm trusted by many people.

    Sometimes, I may not have supplies! You might want to have supplies ready, but I can buy something if you don't :) So no worries.

    I do it on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I also do this 20 minutes during the week! (20 minutes - 1 hour. Depends.)

    You have to pay me though. If you're low on rupees, I'll make an exception. But don't say that to me. If you have money, please pay me! You know why? You can choose how much you pay me! 100r+ and I'll be good!

    Hopefully, you guys will like my service! I'll put a lot of work into your building :)


    Edit: PM me for [service!]

    Examples of what I can build:
  2. Reserved Comment!

    P.S: I built most of the hills with help of Builds_with_46 :p

    Money Earned:
    1,000r - Builds_with_46
  3. Any other examples of what you can build?
  4. I would try to have multiple screenshots of at least 3 intricate builds before you start a service ;)
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  5. I may have to use this
  6. yay!
  7. Like I said on another post of yours, if you put more effort into organizing your post, it would be more appealing and easier to read. If you need help and specifics to improve this or the other thread, message me and I'd be happy to help.

    OT I suggest a set pricing for the builds, depending on their dimensions, depth, and time taken to do the build (estimated of course).
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