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  1. Hey! I am looking for a builder to build my Mob Farm! I will pay well. Note: I will NOT provide any of the resources, which means I will pay well. Here is the Mob Farm i want. It will list all of the items needed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37WuZBE6BPU
  2. I'm interested but I want to know how much you are paying before hand.

    If you were waiting for someone to say how much they will do it for... I'm guessing it will take me two to three days, about 6-7 hours total.

    16 stacks of packed ice seems like the only real expense to get these materials, one that will be annoying at best. Even that isn't that expensive though. So the labor will be the main cost.

    If you can find someone to do it for less than 90k let them do it. If you want me to do it then close to 90k will be acceptable.

    Edit: I can do it for less but that's if you want exactly this build. That would mean no promises on the redstone. The redstone logic and adapting it for EMC if needed as well as the headache that comes along with it is part of the factoring. If you just want me to make a carbon copy of this build which may or may not work on emc then I can do that for less.

    You may also want to note that EMC has different spawn distances/move distances for mobs than on a true vanilla server(different render distances as well) so this machine may be much less effective than the youtube video claims.

    Like the fifth time I have edited this post: EMC also has guidelines around machines that lag the servers or clients so this would likely have to be built way way way out in the frontier... I think. Would ask staff is this would be ok or not.
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  3. I can do it if u want :p
  4. I might be able to help you on this, just depends on the pay, like Gawa said.
  5. Hm. Will you provide resources?
  6. I dont need the packed ice! really. he only said that i is ok. as long as it is a solid block
  7. Hmm. I see. If you have a better idea, pm me
  8. I'd be interested in building this. How much would you pay?
  9. I've got one of these. Very nice farm!
  10. Yep!
  11. I would.
  12. I've done a few of these, except I did not use Ice or Packed Ice. I put them underground so most of the remaining materials I mined while I dug it out.

    One of the problems that I have had with this design is that the Dispensers get out of sync somehow, making the Water flow when it should not. I periodically have to check each level then reset the Water of the ones that are dispensing out of order.

    The timer is supposed to wait a period of time, send out a signal, then another signal after a brief delay. This releases the Water then resets the Dispensers so more mobs can spawn.

    It seems that the Dispensers periodically miss the signal. I've been meaning to try lengthening the time the Redstone stays on to see if it fixes the problem. If that doesn't work, I may eventually move the torch ladder out and use Pistons instead.

    Originally I was going to build the first one up to skylimit, but stopped just below the ocean surface with 7 levels as I recall. Instead I built a second unit next to it thinking that it might work better to activate more chunks rather than to have more spawning spaces in the same chunks, with the added benefit of being underground/underwater. I had planned to make four of these in a square and incorporate an iron farm over it but got drawn away into a different project.

    If anyone has fixed the Dispenser problem or has had a different experience with it I'd be interested in hearing about it.
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  13. Can you build one for me?
  14. If you could. How about 10k?
  15. I'll build it!
  16. Just depends on the pay
  17. Seems more expensive than that. I wish I was as talented/patient as the people who CAN build these cool/profitable stuff.
  18. I completely agree
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  19. I will build it for you as long as the pay is above 70k.
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  20. I'll build for 20K