Lookin For a shop to supply

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  1. I am willing to supply a shop with goodies a megashop in smp1 because i dont have a shop myself so i can supply other shops i can support max 1 megashop!

    So the megashop that will be the first they will get me as there supplier!
  2. 1783, if you supply for me - you wont need more then one shop to supply for.
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  3. True dat
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  4. 9139 SMP4 supply me!
  5. 509 Supply us!
  6. How about me? Were still building ours but need our supplies ready for opening anytime this week
  7. Ok man im very soory for giving wrong information PThagaard is banned from EMC! so u win nfell2009 i was shocked about the news
  8. But 1 thing ul come for ur things u need cause i can not afford the costs of the vault or mayvbe will make a deal somehow PM me :]
  9. I buy a few select items in my selling shop at 1215 if your ever interested in selling some stuff.
  10. PThagaard isn't banned lol..
  11. 10216 still need some diamond, gold and iron suppliers, if you want to supply me, than PM me :)
  12. Ill buy a lot of stuff at 509!
  13. Yes, he is, for Fly/Speed hacking.... Perminantly.
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  14. 729 on SMP1 :)
  15. U have so pretty picture i cant resist so pthagaard and u will get stocked :)
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  16. And am i the only 1 who didnt saw him flying lol
  17. Nope, I just typed /p PThagaard, and he is tempbanned now though.
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