Look to Buy Literally ANY promo/custom item that i dont have

Discussion in 'Buying' started by jewel_king, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. I'm not sure if I'm willing to sell them, but what are they worth to you? :)
  2. il pay and you can mail them whenever you get a chance
  3. getting started soulbound 50k
    love potion no. 9 300k
    iron supporter gift 2m (would need a bit of time to get the rest of the rupees on this one)
  4. If you don't mind me asking, what is "Bill (horse)"?
  5. i dont know much about it, all i know is its a horse named Bill which has a colored name (rainbow i think)
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  6. I can sell u a lvl 2 gem and what’s hamstar egg
  7. Does anyone have a screenshot of this horse? I’d like to go look for it xD
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  8. that i know of, no pictures exist
    How much?
    the hamster egg was a Bold Orange named Egg given to the Winner of the first firefloor ever on EMC hosted by JackBiggin
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  9. i just realized i had the materials to make a tier 2 (woops)

    only need a tier 3 now, sorry OP
  10. I can sell u a 2 to help u make a 3 :3
  11. Interesting, i’ll Have to be on the lookout for it. How did you hear about it?
  12. i heard about it from another player who im guessing would prefer not to be named
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  13. why do you have 2 tier 2 lol
  14. I mean a as in one two tier xD
  15. Ohhhh lol, i think il wait for a 3 but thanks
  16. I do have : Empire Waffle, Feast for a King paper, Super Dragon Poop and Avalauncher if interested give me your price.
    I did purchase a permanent derelict protection few years ago cost me 2.2M, if interested let me know.
  17. Thanks for the reply, i already have all of those except for the Derelict protection which i have already had people contact me about
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