Long Distance Switching

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  1. I am building an underground railway system and want to change points (junctions) remotely. Using repeaters at max. distance (15 blocks), I have found that after approx. 160 blocks there appears to be a glitch. I have tried using redstone lamp repeaters instead, but still the same problem.
    The redstone entering the next repeater is 'on' when the circuit is switched on but there is no o/p. If I then remove the adjacent redstone and replace it, the repeater then acts normally.
    Is this a change of chunk problem or a lag problem or what? :(

    In the first picture, the redstone lamp should be on, in the second it should be off - sometimes if I stay long it will change to its proper state, other times it won't - help :eek:

  2. If the chunk is not loaded then the redstone will not process for that area, and 160 is about where the cut off is for loading chunks.

    It's not possible to control redstone at far distances, unless you design it in a way itll continue the circuit as you load the chunk (tricky)
  3. You need lots of Redstone Repeaters just at the chunk border that will cycle the pulse around nice and slow until you get there in your cart. It's all about timing.

    The difficulty in this lies in the fact that the server is affected by lag. So what might give enough of a delay at one point in the day, wont when it gets quieter as it'll tick by faster.

    Or what about designing an XOR switch at the border, so that when you hit the border, you have a small sub-station where you need to hit the next switch to carry the pulse on? As it's XOR it doesn't matter if the other switch is on or off. It'll still work.
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  4. Thanks for the help - I had a feeling that was going to be the problem - Oh well back to the drawing board lol
  5. I just have this feeling that one of PThagaard's Handy minecart lag-free clocks could be implemented in here somehow to some positive effect.. I am just having a hard time figuring at where xD
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  6. I haven't played around with rail much, but could you use a detector rail? You'd still set the switch from a distance, but it would only set up a latch circuit that would store your intended switch setting, then a detector that's within the proper range would trigger the switch once you've run over it.
  7. I assume when you say 'Redstone Lamp' you mean 'Redstone Torch'? As they are completely different things. ;) Xxxx.
  8. Indeed I did :oops:
  9. Thanks all for advice :)
  10. hei... why do u need those junctions to be so far away?? why dont u make a train station with the junctions in there? from that train station u can make rails to different locations.

    i once made such a train station in sp... i had one train station with 5 locations to go to. if i needed more than 5 locations i could have made another train station with another 5 locations.... do u understand what i mean?

    if u want i can send u the world safe or more pictures. give me ur e-mail then.

    hope i could help

    2011-07-05_20.30.26.png 2011-07-05_20.30.32.png
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  11. Thanks, I was going to set up a signal box at the main station to control destinations remotely, so I shall have to move the junctions closer ie in the same loaded chunk (if I'm making any sense :rolleyes:)
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  12. ya exactly!!! u will then have to make a track to each location. this means u will need mores rails because after the junctions the tracks have to be sepparated!!

    btw train stations are cool!! if u want to see a tiny one in the empire visit me on smp2! i have a little one to send around chest-minecarts from my farms to the storage area.
  13. minecarts despawn if they go to far into unloaded chunks i think, same as a redstone signal
  14. I think this is going to be difficult... Despawning minecarts... :(
  15. the simplest way would be a series of switching lines, half in the nether half out, so that you can travel the longer distances there, when its less of a distance. and perform switches and change overs in the regular world. wouldnt be as fast, but it would be easier to manage if you place the portals the right way.
  16. Minecarts tend to despawn often.
  17. because ZBSDKryten inspired me i renewed my trainstation on smp2. i have now an automated cart dispensing system that looks like this:


    do i have to worry that my carts will despawn?? that would bee sooo bad! :(
    and if they despawn... could that be fixed?

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