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  1. Long Autumn Book Store IS Still Being Built, But I Thought Maybe You Would Want To Know About It And Why I'm Making It.

    First, Here are all the Books:
    Journals: Macy's Old Town, Lily & Lily D, Rob's Killing Spree, Love That Boy 1, Love that Boy 2, Love that Girl 1, Love That Girl 2 Poems: Sleep My Darling, Danny's Apple Orchard, Laugh It Up, Laugh It Down, Jump & Run, Horror Poems, Love poems Fantasy: I Know The Truth, New School & New Humans 1, New School & New Humans 2, Long Autumn Creek; Lilian, Long Autumn Creek; Jakob, Creatures of the deep, Creatures of heights, Creatures of kindness Fiction: Love That Cat, Love That Dog, Monsters of the night, Sleeping in the stars, Hey Julie Nonfiction: The Story Of Frostbrewed, Long Autumn Book Store; The true tales, Diary Of a Day 1, Diary Of a Day 2 Guides: The Unofficial FULL Minecraft Brewing Guide (RESERVED), Block Guide 1, Block Guide 2, Block Guide 3, Minecraft Tips & Tricks, EMC Tips & Tricks, EMC Promos/ Specials/Holidays, Building Guide, Mining Guide ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why am I Building a Book Store? Well, I LOVE to write books, but i know ill never become famous doing so, so why not share my talent with EMC? Thats what I'm doing. -------------------------
    LONG AUTUMN BOOK STORE PROGRESS: Outside: 20% Complete Inside: 25% Complete Books: 2% Complete Clearing Of Residence: 100% Complete
    THANK YOU. <<>> ---------------------------------------------- Workers: Frostbrewed (owner) Looking for workers! Please pm me if you would like to be one. Here are the following jobs available: Co-Owner- Helps owner, is allowed to post updates but must check with owner first; gets build, container, and use perms. <<>> Must be long time friend <<>> Stocker (Boss)- Is the leader of the other stockers and fills in for people who cant work; Use perms, container perms <<>> Must be long time friend <<>> Stocker: Checks containers to see if they are empty, then reports that to me, also goes into the control room and turns lights on or off. (2 stockers + 1 stocker boss); Use, container perms. <<>> Must be long time friend <<>> Assistant- Helps customers find categories, answers questions, and shows to places; Use perm <<>> Must be person that isn't busy a lot on emc <<>> Hours: Whenever you can; check with me. Interior Design (Co-Owner 2)- Helps owner, is allowed to post updates about the building but must check with owner first; build, use perms <<>> Must be long time friend <<>> Thank you for looking at the jobs ^-^ Please check back later for more positions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    NEW!!! On my 3rd, when the bookstore is opened, there will ALSO be free shearing for SMP8, but no shear purchases, so bring your own! (Sorry :p) Also, you can donate to the 'sheep farm?' at my first like the library directions.

    NEW!!! When the book store is opened, you must return the books into the hoppers located at the entrance, in the stairwell, each section, and in the dark oak 'building' that will actually become offices.

    NEW!!! If you want to own a book, please tell me and you'll have to pay 5r extra. Thank you for understanding.


    Sico Sheep Shearing!! Every color of wool to shear!!
    Workers: Owner- Frostbrewed Co-Owner: ??? Sheep Checker(s): ??? Co-Owner 2 (designer): ??? Wool Storage: ??? Shear Stocker: ???

    <<>> JOB INFO <<>>
    Co-Owner- Does all jobs, just like owner when owner is busy. Can post updates with owner's permission
    Sheep Checker- Checks on sheep to see if the wool has 'grown' back, and dyes them if they aren't already
    Co-Owner 2: Designs and can post updates about the building with permission.
    Wool Storage: (2 workers, 1 boss) Boss- Double checks after workers stock wool. Workers- Shear every colour twice and then puts them in back.
    Shear Stocker: When shears run out they must stock them again (I DONT NEED THIS WORKER YET)
    Please PM me for any of these jobs.
    <<>> JOB INFO <<>>

    Amount of sheep in each section: 0
    Built sections: 1
    Open sections: 0

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  2. let me know if you need any materials and i'll contribute
  3. Oh, Thanks. If You Dont Mind, I Need: White Stained Clay, Oak Wood, Spruce Wood/Logs, Quartz, Book & Quills, Glowstone, Glass, Smooth Sandstone, Sandstone, Leaves, Deco., White Wool, Pink Wool, Black Stained Clay, OR Light Gray Stained Clay. Thanks!
  4. If you want, I can get you a few stacks of whatever wool color you would like :)
    Oh and a little smooth sandstone too.
  5. Oh, That would be great :3
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  6. Interesting, I prefer reading books in real life though, so probably won't be using it.
  7. i want to buy every single one message me with a price
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  8. Lol xD First of all, its still being built, i'll message you when all the books are done & its built, alright? >.< :p:rolleyes:
  9. what can i do to get it built faster, so that i can buy all the books?
  10. Donate? XD
  11. how much?
  12. I dont really need rupees, but idk, however much? And if you go to the top and slowly scroll down, you'll see i said what i need ^-^
  13. Update: Poems WONT be in stock until next year.
    Why? Poems are hard to make, so there WONT be any poems until christmas... Poems are now for SPECIAL OCCASIONS ONLY. I'm sorry for any conflicts this might make. Please enjoy the other genres. -Frostbrewed (owner)